Gonzo Journalism

What is Gonzo Journalism?

A word that was popularised by Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism that is written subjectively and often includes the reporter in the story as part of a first person narrative. It tends to favor style of accuracy by often using personal experiences to provide context for the topic or event being covered. It usually completely disregards the more polished edited product that would usually be seen in newspaper media and looks to promote a more gritty look that could be seen as similar to that of zines as the use of sarcasm and profanity is very common.


Find a set of pictures that takes an angle (uses metaphor) to tell the story.  Write 200-300 words that uses the same metaphor.




Through acquiring research for my main project pitch and plan module, I have been looking in to the composition of cosplay photography. To me, although some may find this style to be not as thought provoking or artistic as other kinds, I find it extremely creative as it shows the purest form of attention to detail. Whether it be through the craftsmanship of creating a screen perfect costume, or  the molding of headpieces like the images above; it shows the time and dedication that such cosplayers go through time and time again to personify their favourite characters and to me the images above perfectly represent this. Many may mock the cosplay movement thinking that it is simply a bunch of geeks wishing they could live in a world of fantasy, however they could not be more wrong. The metaphor behind such a hobby or practice is the challenge to create something extraordinary and this is only something that can be achieved through much persistence and patience through trial and error. It is always remarkable to see such creatures and characters come alive in other forms of media, and so I ask why is cosplay any different? If anything it should be seen as even more fascinating as it strives to truly embody the essence of such characters; and they are not pieced together by award winning costume and wardrobe designers either, it is brought to us by everyday average Joe’s who simply have an undying fondness for a character of which can only really be seen as inspiring.

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