Lighting Assignment

With the lighting assignment task we were asked to photograph two images that stayed the same apart from the lighting in order to provoke a different mood in each. To me, the most obvious of way to change in the mood in an image is the create shadows in the image that creates a more sinister and moodier effect. I decided to take the photographs in the studio as I felt it would be an easier way to create this particular lighting effect as natural lighting can be unpredictable at best.


Although this is the case with managing lighting outside of the studio, I still wanted to create an image with a more realistic look in its lighting; which is why I decided to use two lights with one being  tilted just to the left of the model and the other next to myself. This image is probably a little lighter than what natural lighting would have turned out to be like however I feel that you see the face clearly without any distractions from shadows or overexposure.


As the previous image I shot turned out to be quite bright, I felt it would be better to move the lights drastically in order to create an entirely different mood to the image altogether. I feel that this image perfectly demonstrates just how much lighting can change the mood of an image entirely; as this clearly depicts a much more sinister and menacing by just lowering and moving the lights that I used. I think that due to the harsh shadows based upon my models face it creates more intrigue and drama in the shot as the viewer will be more interested in a shadowed face than one in full exposure.

Overall, I think that this assignment proved to be quite successful. I did what was asked of me in that I shot almost identically styled images with the only exception being adjusting the lighting in order to create a different effect within each image. I feel that it shows just how important lighting is in photography and therefore this should be planned and constructed before photographing so that there are no mishaps. If I was to do this again I feel that I would like to be more daring with my subject matter and possibly take the portable lighting kit outside to experiment with the effects that I could achieve on location as opposed to being in a studio, where I personally have found that what I could do with my shots was scarcely limited.


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