Online Portfolio: Uploading Photographic Content on to Portfoliobox

Over the past week or so, I have been uploading the majority of the content that I wish to be featured on my online portfolio. Although I knew exactly what I wanted to be uploaded on the site, I still found it incredibly tricky to get it to look how I wanted it to be. … More Online Portfolio: Uploading Photographic Content on to Portfoliobox

Professional Portfolio-Analysis of online Portfolios.

The makings of a good online portfolio: .Biography and Contact information .Interesting content that is shows a wide range of techniques .Information that is key to containing a high level of professionalism (nothing too personal) .Layout and grammer to be of a high standard. The makings of a bad online portfolio: .Not enough information (no … More Professional Portfolio-Analysis of online Portfolios.

Editorial Photo-shoot Essay and Ideas.

As part of the Editorial Photography module that we have been given for this semester; along with 5-10 images we must require an extended essay that underlines similar themes to our main assignment. Essay Requirements: .Be 1200 words that includes academic research into the underlying themes of your main assignment .Include theoretical assessment of the … More Editorial Photo-shoot Essay and Ideas.