Cosplay Interview Questions.

Below you will find the list of questions that I have devised for my cosplayer interviews. Some of the questions are quite broad as I want to gain a better understanding of the subject however there are some that are quite specific. I am looking to see how the cosplayers I interview feel not only about the notion of ‘sexy cosplay’, but also the difficulty and craftsmanship that goes in to making such costumes. I also feel that it is a necessary to find out what got them in to this sub-culture and if it was due to the more well-known cosplayers or was it something they simply decided upon themselves. Ultimately, this will help me narrow down my hypothesis for my research report and also who I may wish to interview further and follow with their costume making as the weeks progress. I have also thought that it might be interesting to interview fans of the content that cosplayers base their characters on in order to see how they feel about the cosplay culture itself; however, for now I am going to see what kind of opinionated answers I will get from these questions.
. What got you interested in Cosplay? Was it influenced by fellow Cosplayers or was it through the comic/gaming/film characters themselves?
.How many other conventions have you attended and participated in Cosplay?
. Who are your favourite characters to Cosplay as?
.Which was the most ambitious character that you have Cosplayed as?
.How Long does a costume usually take to make for you? Do you make them from scratch or do you use a majority of in-store products to make the costume?
.As Cosplay can often be a very expensive hobby, do you participate in order to place at competitions and win money? Or is it more about meeting other fans and having fun with friends while creating a costume? Or for simply the love of the character?
.Do you prefer to copy a specific character’s outfit perfectly or do you like to create your own interpretation?
.Why do you think Cosplay has become so popular in the past decade or so? Do you think it is due to the mass media coverage of popular conventions such as Comic Con? Or do you think its due studios creating the ‘comic book movie’ genre, thus buying in to the convention market niche?
.Have you ever had a stand-out good or bad cosplay experience? For example, placing in a particular competition or costume malfunction or internet backlash from a particular costume?
.With European conventions on the rise and thus making Cosplay more competitive, do you feel as though European Cosplay is on par to American Cosplay?

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