Art Direction

What is Art Direction? Art Direction is the means by which the creative idea can be expressed. -Nik Mahon Art Direction 2010 Art Direction should help an idea rather than hinder it.  Art direction should be a window rather than a beautifully painted wall. -David Christenson (quoted by Nik Mahon) Gregroy Crewston: Ideas •Psychology •Fear … More Art Direction

Observational and Constructed Photography

Observational Photography: A photograph that depicts what it going on in a photograph without the imput of the photographer. It is solely an act of non-intervention. Too Early Too early refers to observational photography, where one might say that the actual taking of the photograph happens before the idea…….has been fully realised Task One: Find a … More Observational and Constructed Photography

Research Methodology

  Method vs Methodology: Methods: Participant observation, interview Specific tasks to be used in research Methodology: Is the science of research Solve the research problem Includes the methods but also the logic behind the method, the justification of a method for a scientific research type, the justification of certain analysis Categorisation of research By scope … More Research Methodology

Project Research Pitch

As part of this semester’s work, we have been asked to produce an initial research project pitch document. Here, we will propose our topic, research title, aims and objectives, initial draftwork and how we propose to document our research findings. As this is 10% towards our final mark, the pitch has to be written specifically … More Project Research Pitch

Heroes of Cosplay Review: A Hindrance or Triumph for the Cosplay Community?

Heroes of Cosplay, the docu-miniseries that follows cosplayer heavy-weights such as Yaya Han, Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan gives a dramatized look in to the competitive world of Cosplay; or they would have us believe. As the show is the most visible representation of the Cosplay world, the show itself has spawned criticism from its … More Heroes of Cosplay Review: A Hindrance or Triumph for the Cosplay Community?

Scientific Writing/Research Report.

Scientific/technical writing is about science and technology and is for other scientists and domain experts. It is sometimes also called ‘academic writing’. There are general guidelines but are also specific style guidelines. It’s needed for scientific communication in articles, papers, presentations, reports. It’s NOT newspapers, magazines and journals. The goal is to write simply, plainly … More Scientific Writing/Research Report.

Research Project Question and Aims and Objectives.

Research Question: What is it? It’s the central question around which your research is built It identifies the phenomenon to be studied The title of your project may reflect the question Needs to be clear, focussed, concise and arguable Needs to be narrow, not broad It’s not the topic, but lies within the topic The … More Research Project Question and Aims and Objectives.