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Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited down for a meet and greet and blogger photo-shoot by  Chiara Fashion; an online fashion store that contains gorgeous upcoming trends and is situated in Leeds. As you can probably guess, I was extremely excited to be attending both events as it was the first official one to have been invited in my fashion blogs short life-span and so thought it would be criminal to pass up on this opportunity. Due to this, I have to admit that I was a little nervous especially as I went on my own while others bought plus ones; but everyone was so welcoming that those notions quickly disappeared….after a few drinks anyway haha.


After a night of hanging out and networking with fellow fashion bloggers on the Friday, the next morning I arrived back at Chiara HQ for the blogger event day. This pretty much entailed with me being pampered by the lovely Chiara Interns and staff by getting my hair and make-up done by the lovely Marta (which, I wish I could have done everyday now ha!); along with getting to pick my top pieces from their A/W collection…which I have to say I absolutely LOVED! I was completely spoiled for choice with their new arrivals for this season, they had a great selection of original interpretations of the tartan and goth trend that has been scouring fashion stores for nearly a month now with their beautiful midis and skirts. I was also allowed to bring with me some pieces from home to style with their stuff  as well which helped me decide what I wanted to wear fairly easily once I got stuck in. After getting a sneak peek at their collections the previous night, I already had an idea of what items I wanted to style together and I can honestly say that I have never felt so spoiled in my life as I was the only blogger attending that day, so I felt like all eyes were on me! Despite this, it was awesome to be photographed in a studio environment, which is something that I haven’t done in a long time and I felt completely relaxed the whole time.

Outfit One:



Chiara Cut Out Knit Jumper

Chiara Black Suede Pointed Toe Court Shoes

Missguided Taqara Zip Detail Leather Mini Skirt

One of the pieces that I decided  to bring along with me to the shoot was my trusty asymmetric leather skirt from Missguided. I know you guys are probably a tad bored of me going on about this skirt but as you can see, it is a beaut of a skirt. Especially so when teamed up with this gorgeous cut-out knitted jumper; I was initially going to photograph it with the white version but there was just something about the grey that made the outfit seem appropriate for both day and night. An effortless look that is perfect for the colder months!

Outfit Two:



Chiara Red Floral Midi Dress (Coming Soon!)

Chiara Black Suede Mirror Platform High Heel Shoes

River Island Leather Jacket

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but although I have always liked the look of midi length dresses or skirts I have never thought that they would suit me. Mostly due to the fact that I’m on the shorter side of height and have always felt they looked best of ginormous models with stick thin legs! However Melissa, one of the four interns at Chiara convinced me to try on this midi dress after hovering by it for a good few minutes ha. I have to say that this midi have fully converted me to being a fan of this length now, its an absolutely GORGEOUS dress and with an equally beautiful print with such a romantic feel. Its funny to say this but oddly I can’t get over just how grown up I felt in this dress…to me, midis seem to give this sense of femininity that I don’t think any other style of dress can do and it aims to flatter so effortlessly. I decided to grunge it up (as per usual) with my River Island leather jacket to make it appear more casual.

Outfit Three:



Chiara Black Wet Look Sleeveless Cropped Top

Chiara Tartan Skater Skirt Coming Soon

My1stWist Studded Creepers

Seriously, how pretty is this skirt?! As I’ve said before I’m up for all things tartan this season, its something that is just so easy to pull off and truly toughens up an outfit. When I saw this skirt I couldn’t help but immediately think of the yellow tartan skirt that Cher Harowitz wore in Clueless all those years ago; so I decided to put my take on the tartan trend and drew some slight style inspiration from everyone’s favourite unapologetically spoiled airhead. I guess you could say that this was more punk than valley girl however with the creepers and leather look crop top, but I’d like to think she’d be somewhat proud of this one…hopefully ha.

After picking my take on upcoming trends for this season, the Chiara interns also took part in the event by picking some their favourite items that will be arriving online in the coming weeks as well as being photographed in them as well. They all looked amazing in what they chose and it was great to see them putting their own spin on the collections of this season.



Overall, I feel as though Chiara have got a great thing going in what would otherwise be a very competitive niche. They are striving to branch out in to a wide range of mediums that include Youtube and their own upcoming blog and so are very keen to get involved with bloggers within the local area. I have to say that I feel extremely lucky to have been able to attend the events and I hope to collaborate again with them soon. A massive thank you to the Chiara staff for making me feel so welcome and comfortable throughout the day!

And on that note, I will leave you all to enjoy some lovely outtake and behind the scenes pics from the days events…








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