Battlestar Scralatchtica








T-Shirt Dress: Primark @ Asos (Sold Out)

Disco Shorts: Bank (Sold Out) but similar here.

Platform Wedged Heels: My1stWish @ Amazon

Wacky post name eh?! Yeah, I’m awful at thinking of outfit post names so I choose the lazy route and pick titles from music I like…now that’s been mentioned, on with the post!

No my new halls is not an amazing flat that comes with a balcony, this was the outfit that I was talking about in a previous post that I wasn’t too sure of posting. But seeing as I’m now at Uni nursing one of the many major hangovers that will recur throughout my Freshers week I thought I’d post it anyways. If you follow me on Asos’ Fashion Finder section, you will notice that I posted this on there ages ago; its really not that I don’t like it as I love how the pictures have come out, but I felt that I could’ve styled this one a little better. To me, it just looks a little bare and could have done with some gold jewellery or something; but as you have probably noticed by now I tend just stick to the same jewellery and not really wear anything that much different. When I saw that Primark had been upgraded to selling their stuff on Asos, it was safe to say that I was over the moooooooon!!! I don’t know about you but I can’t really stand shopping in Primark, I am a fan (and the fact that it is dirt cheap is helpful!)  but I hate how you have to wrestle to get something in the right size. Its can be quite disheartening just thinking about the ‘Primark Process’ and its a shame because you can find some really timeless pieces in there if you’re lucky! Which is why me being the lazy bum that I am that HATES shopping, the fact that Primark have now added their brand to Asos is kind of a godsend. I’ve been seeing these varsity t-shirt dresses everywhere at the moment and I’ve always thought they look so effortless. I’m the kind of person that loves anything slouchy, so t-shirt dresses are one of my favourite styles to wear and at £3 BLOODY POUND?!?!?! I think its pretty safe to say that this purchase was a no-brainer! I really hope that Primark continue to sell their products online with their A/W collection because their clothes are really amazing for the price they are, and it saves the hassle to rummaging through their stores trying your hardest to find something you’ll like and seeing as nearly all their stuff is sold out on Asos now, I think that indicates others feel the same.

As I mentioned above, I’m back at Uni now so I probably won’t post as much from now on; or at least not until Freshers is over. I can honestly say that I’m having such an amazing time here, the people are very easy to talk to and its nice to be living in a flat of 5 as opposed to 12 like in my last halls. Being in my 3rd year, its nice to be knowing what to expect as I have done it all before and due to that you can give freshers advice on coping with how overwhelming the moving in and meeting people process can be….without feeling like the mother hen ha!

Jess xxx


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