No Bright Ideas Here…








Dress: American Apparel

Denim Aviator Jacket: Primark (Old)

Over-the-knee Socks: Asos

Creepers: Amazon

This outfit is pretty preppy isn’t it? I was going to post another outfit which I previewed on Twitter but I felt like it was missing something. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one either actually, I don’t know about other bloggers but I find that sometimes outfit ideas often look better in my head than they do once photographed…and let me tell you, its very fucking annoying! Not only does it mean that I’ve wasted a considerable amount of time getting ready and what not, but it also gets me down a little as I feel like they are not good enough to post thus making me doubt myself and question whether I should even bother at all. Dramatic as it may be, it goes through my mind quite a bit. Maybe its just because I’m new to all of this or I’m just not that confident overall, but its so easy to look at other bloggers and think to yourself ‘yeah, I could do that!’ and the reality is, fashion blogging is a lot harder than it looks. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a complete perfectionist when it comes to something I really care about, and that when I look at other bloggers I want my blog to be of the same calibre both creatively and quality-wise. I don’t know, I guess I’m just being a little hard on myself, but its hard sometimes to feel like you’re doing your best when you second guess you own content. I’ll stop being so emo now…

Anyways, I know I’ve posted this dress before, but I wanted something that would go with these over-the-knee socks that I bought from Asos last week. As its getting colder, I can’t get enough of these socks at the moment, to me they look adorable! I know that there seems to be a kind of stigma regarding these socks because they can look kind of slutty or suggestive if not put together properly; which I personally feel is a little harsh, I mean come on, its a bit of thigh…the rest is covered up, get over it! But obviously, its a little less so, with the creepers. However, I think that when teamed with a dress similar to this it can make it look less girly and a bit more ‘pretty grunge’ as the bloggersphere have named it. I think I’ll be going for this look more often from now on, its got this kind of preppiness to it which I quite like. I’ve been experimenting with different hats as of late, mostly because I want to mix up my winter wardrobe and make it less boring. I reeeeeally love beanies at the moment,  they always dress down an outfit without fail; perfect for a day/night outfit and obviously bad hair days like the one I’ve had today. I think I’ve got a serious case of the post-hair-cut blues; you know, when at first you may love it but now you miss your old hair because it doesn’t seem like you and nothing looks right with it.  I miss my hippy long mermaid hair!!! At times like these, its exactly why I waited 2 years before I got my hair cut again; I cannot stand people messing with it and now I feel like its completely out of whack and I look like a 12 yr old emo boy! 😦 Naaaat happy!!!!

I apologise for this extremely self-pitied post/rant. I wouldn’t usually write something like this, but I guess I’ve just had one of those days…sorry!

Jess xxx


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