Peeping Tom








White Longline Cami: Asos

Ankle Cut Skinny Jeans: New Look (Petite Range)

Neon Court Heels: Primark (Very Old)

To be perfectly honest with you all, as I’ve got older I’ve become less and less of a jeans kind of person. I don’t really know what it is, but I always feel a bit stiff when I wear them and like I can’t move around properly; not that I’m looking to do somersaults and victory dances in them or anything ha. But its not like when wearing leggings where you generally feel like they are more breathable and versatile for incorporating in to day/night.  I don’t know, maybe I’ve just had bad luck with jeans and I’m just talking utter shite…that’s probably it actually. Anyway, I feel like these jeans have fully converted me back to being partial to a bit of denim. After looking at a few other fashion blogs that I follow, I noticed that a lot of girls were wearing these ankle-cut jeans and I just thought it was a very understated look that I could easily pull off myself. After scouring the internet for a good few days, I came across these in the Petite range from New Look; normally I’m not considered ‘petite’ according their measurements but I thought an inch isn’t going to make all the difference and if anything it will make the ankle-cut more prominent. I have to say, considering that you would probably pay five times the price from any other website, these jeans are incredible; and for a bargain £10 I really can’t say a bad thing about them. They are so comfortable and easy to wear and I can’t wait to toughen them up a little with some chunky ankle boots or my creepers. It is very seldom that I buy anything from New Look, but the quality of their jeans is really amazing for the price and I may later end up buying some black ones ready for winter.

I decided that I’d keep this one simple with just a cami from Asos and heels from Primark. Although I could have quite easily have given a bit more thought to styling the jeans with something else, I feel as though this is a nice outfit for the breezy days/nights we are getting more and more as the weeks progress. I’m pretty sad that I didn’t buy another pair of these heels in a different colour when I had the chance, I have to say these are probably my favourite heels I’ve bought to date, so simple and elegant, plus the height isn’t crazy either. Once I have a bit more money, I think I’ll buy some similar in black so that I can wear them with anything, you know, as they are more suitable for those drunken stumbling nights out than some crazy Jeffrey Campbell litas ;).

Feeling a lot better these past few days so I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be taking more outfit pics before I go back to Uni!

Jess xxx


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