Last Cup of Sorrow.








Peter Pan Collar Top: Missguided (Old)

Tartan Leggings: Boohoo (Old but similar on their site).

Fedora: Charity Shop

Boots: Matalan.

Ok, today I decided to man-up and get ready to take some OOTD pictures. Its only really been in the last couple of days that I’ve started to feel a bit better, so I’m hoping that this will be the beginning of me feeling more like usual awkward self. I’ve wanted to post this outfit for ages but I thought it was a bit too ‘wintery’ to post up until now. This was actually an outfit that I put together waaay back in February while I was getting ready to go and meet an old flatmate of mine from first year; and as it was snowing I thought it was best to wrap up warm and teamed it up with a fur coat. All I can really remember from that night was that I came the conclusion that these shoes are not really suitable for walking in the snow/ice at night…let’s just say it was an absolute mish to get to his house and took me probably half an hour to tip-toe down the street on what would usually be a 5 minute walk. NEVER AGAIN HA! But I was really pleased with the way I styled this outfit and thought it was really lovely for A/W. I know that a lot of bloggers have started to creep the A/W tartan trend in to their posts recently so I thought the leggings would be appropriate; and they are surprisingly very warm and make me feel really festive haha. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a peter-pan collared top like this one; they always add a little more sophistication so that you don’t have to add jewellery or other accessories. I added the fedora kind of last minute as I thought it would make the outfit look a little more quirky. I know that fedoras have been trendy for years but I’ve seen these popping up again on sites like Missguided and other fashion bloggers posts a lot more recently so I have a feeling that they’ll become a hot trend for this season and maybe become a part of my day-to-day wardrobe. But I’m a little undecided about that because I feel that they can be very hit-or-miss…but maybe once I wear it more I’ll just get used to people staring at me haha. These shoes are an absolute DREAM! Although not great for walking in the snow in (ma’ bad!) I can’t believe they are from Matalan of all places. My mum got me them during the winter and I’ve got to say that she is amazing at finding shoes; no matter what she will always find a bargain. I like them especially because they are kind of boyish and they can really toughen up an outfit when needed.

Hopefully I’ll continue to feel a bit better in the next week or so, I’m pretty busy trying to get organised in general as I’m going back to Leeds next Saturday for freshers so need to sort my life in the meantime!

Jess xxx


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