Oh hey there new hair!

Hey all!

This is just a (not so) short message saying that I probably won’t be doing much blogging over the next week or so. Not to sound too dramatic or anything, as you know I’m not one to throw much of my personal life in to my blog as I value my privacy, but I feel I should probably give an explanation as why I’ll be absent from the blogging world for a little while. I don’t mean to alarm anyone and trust me this is not for attention or sympathy at all because that is NOT MY THING!!! its not really that big of a deal either, but it is mostly due to the fact that since Christmas I’ve been having some minor health-problems and with the stress of Uni work/life and not being registered with a doctor in Leeds I just had to deal with it up until now. Due to this, its only really been recently that I’ve been able to have something done about the problems I’ve been experiencing, and most of it seems to be a lot of trial and error anyways as what I have is different for every patient. I’ve had to completely change my diet by cutting out certain food groups in order to see how my body reacts to the change and to see if it makes a difference. However, because of this I’ve been very sick over the past few days as my body is trying to process this change, which I guess is understandable as I’ve gone nearly 21 years without having to find alternatives to what I eat; so yeah, my body is basically in complete limbo because of it. There are some days when I feel absolutely fine and normal, and then others when I just generally feel completely run-down and I have little to no energy and I can’t even get out of bed. God, this all sounds so bloody dramatic doesn’t it?! I know that I’ll be fine in a few weeks time, but for now even the thought of doing outfit posts feels like one hell of an effort for me. Its a shame because I’ve had quite a few outfits planned out for my couple of posts; but they will have to wait as I need to focus on resting and letting my body go through this rather annoying process. Knowing me though, I’ll probably be fine by Monday and have a OOTD post up after posting this haha, but I’d rather not take my chances! I guess I just want to let people know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I’m still very much present but I don’t think I’ll be blogging much as I just want to focus on getting better.

Oh yeah, I almost completely forgot about showing off my new hair 😉 here it is….



JOKING!!!!! Seriously, you didn’t think I’d cut off ALL of my hair now did you?! Even this to me feels so crazy short, but I think its cool I can make it look like a bob is I want to 🙂

Jess xxx



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