Black Milk Clothing filling the geek void with Mass Effect range.





Mass Effect Line Look Book: Black Milk Clothing

If you are by any chance a female geek, you should be fairly familiar with Aussie-Fashion site Black Milk Clothing. Home to an already seemingly impressive line of geek-wear related to such franchises like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Harry Potter; the site very recently took upon itself to launch a line dedicated to the highly successful sci-fi gaming trilogy, Mass Effect in order to fill the void of unflattering and somewhat masculine merch otherwise reserved for a unisex audience.

Those of you who know a fair deal about the clothing site will be aware of their renowned form-fitting pieces, such as the R2 D2 dress and Han Solo swimsuit; this next range won’t come as much of a shock due to Mass Effect’s huge female fanbase. However, what is extra special about the fact that Black Milk Clothing has taken the plunge to help promote such a franchise is that the site offers female fans to escape the much male-targeted t-shirts that have honed geek-related merchandise forever, finally allows them to embrace their femininity in womanly silhouettes and support the fictional universes they relish.

As I have mentioned before, I’m kinda a die-hard fan of the Mass Effect games. I’ve completed the trilogy numerous times with many different outcomes, bought all the merch I can get my hands on such as comics, figures and many other collectibles; so finding out about this was a pretty big deal to me. What I think I like most about the collaboration is that Bioware’s business development team were a part of the partnership and that they acknowledge the fact that many of the fans that the franchise has picked up along the way are female; so they felt that this would be a no-brainer. What is also very cool about this new line is that a lot of the designs either come from the Mass Effect comics which I’m sure that a lot of female fans other than myself will appreciate. I have to say though however my favourite by far of the line has to be the N7 dress; to me, this is the ultimate piece for any female fan of the game as it is similar to the dress that femshep wears in ME3 (I’m thinking a cosplayers dream!!!!!); however, I also like the Omega’s Boss dress and the N7 leggings. The swimsuits are pretty cool too, but I don’t think I’d have the confidence to wear something like that haha.

I know that many of you who read this blog probably won’t appreciate this post as much as I do, but I simply had to write something about this line. For me, this isn’t just a cool new line of clothing that Black Milk have released. Its is the mixing of two things that I love, clothes and gaming, turning both in to something incredible; and on that ultimately cheesy note, I’ll let you go ;).

Jess xxx


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