We Care A Lot!





Faith No More Band T-Shirt: Pulp

Leatherette Skirt: Missguided

Brogues: Peacocks (Very Old but similar here.)

Anyone who knows me, even just a little, knows about my undying appreciation for anything by Mike Patton. To me, the man is just a crazy beautiful musical genius, and anything he’s got his twisted mind in to I’ll soon enough get familiar with. So yeah, obviously Faith No More are to be one of my favourite bands. There’s kind of a funny story around me purchasing this tee…well, the irony about it is funny to us. One of my flatmates and I went to the student lock-in night at the Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds where they had a Pulp store which, of course was bombarded with a ton of the more mainstream band t-shirts you can find. While looking through the piles of tees (as there was a buy one get one free offer for that night only) my mate was dead set on getting one she found so I’d end up getting a free one as well. In a place like Pulp that sells The Stone Roses and Twilight related shirts lets just say I was HIGHLY skeptical about finding anything from a band that I dig. Using my usual infectious sarcasm, I was like, ‘yeeeeah I’m sure I find a Faith No More or Mr Bungle tee around here’, but low and behold, right under a god-awful Twilight Team Jacob shirt, this beaut of a tee was there.  Yes, It was pretty safe to say that it was love at first sight, but enough of that story and on to the outfit.

Can you tell that I’m a little obsessed with skirt?! Is it really that obvious?! Haha. I can’t help it though, like I’ve mentioned before its very versatile and I like the rock chick look it pulls off with the band t-shirt. I know that I could have made it look more so with some kick-ass block coloured heels or boots, but I felt that the brogues were more understated and a little less obvious especially as this was a day outfit. The brogues which I got from Peacocks of all places (got an awesome discount as my brother used to work there!), and were pretty much my go-to shoes of 2011 so they are really haggered now; but I actually like that about them as new shoes to me just never look right. This has become one of my favourite outfits that I’ve put together since starting my blog because it was styled together with very little thought. I always find that the outfits that I don’t spend ages putting together are always my favourite; its probably mostly because the ideas feel more organic and less forced I guess.

Oh and yeah I’ve kinda cut most of my hair off, so you won’t be seeing that length of hair any time soon ;P

Jess xxx


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