Vest: New Look (Very Old) but they a similar here.

Shirt/Leggings: Missguided and can be found here and here.

Lolita Style Boots: Boohoo (Sold Out) but they have others.

I’ll be honest with you, at the moment, I really have no idea how to dress. Dramatic as that statement may sound but its pretty much the truth since its started to get a little colder; and I know that really its not changed that dramatically but since we’ve been spoiled by the so-called month-long heatwave in the UK I’ve been used to wearing shorts and camis all summer. But I guess living by the sea doesn’t exactly help and maybe its a little something to do with the fact that stores are now releasing their A/W 13 collections that has got me feeling this way. Speaking of A/W 13, I’m absolutely loving the tartan trend that we’ll be seeing the colder months. I’ve always loved tartan, even though for the longest time ever its been very uncool to like it (guess I was just destined to be that way); but the way that I’ve seen its styled with black mesh crop tops and leatherette jackets makes me so excited for winter…best time to goth it up ha!

Which is the reason as to why I bought these leggings in the Missguided sale recently. I had seen them on there for quite a while and had always thought the snakeskin material was a really interesting way to make leggings look a little different. However, I was surprised by how thin the material was on the legs to the point where (especially in this pictures) it looks a little like they are sticking to my legs;  as most of the leggings that I have are pretty thick. Although now that I’ve worn them a few times now and I’ve got used to them so I think I’ll be keeping them. I think they’ll make a nice addition to my winter wardrobe anyways. Since the leggings are a kind of statement piece, I thought that a simple vest top and shirt would be a nice balance to style it with. This is kind of something of a first for me as I NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER wear fitted tops or vests, I hate them! Hate how they feel on me, hate how they can often look on …you get the picture I just hate them. BUT having said that and as hypercritical as this will sound, I do like the idea of it, just not the reality. So I thought I’d compromise with a shirt on it so that you get really see all of it but you get the idea how it would look. The lolita boots I got from Boohoo at the start of the year because I was looking for a winter boot with a little more height and let’s face it, chelsea boots aren’t the answer for that. I think it was good to invest in ones that were brown as it’ll just go with everything, although if I was brave enough I’d totally get some bright coloured ones like the original Jeffery Cambell lolitas haha.

Although its hardly the end of this fine summer that we’ve had this year, I do feel as though this outfit was a good choice for the unpredictable climate we are starting to get ever so slightly. You can easily just add a jacket like I did to add a little warmth anyways.

Jess xxx


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