But do you JUJU?








Zip Detail Leather Skirt: Missguided

Loose Knit Jumper: Missguided (Old)

Jellie babe Sandals: JuJu Footwear

This leather zip detail skirt from Missguided is literally my favourite item that I have bought in a while! Its so easy to wear and I think it balances out nicely with the loose knit jumper to give it a more edgy feel. Its definitely going to come up in more outfit posts the next few months; they’ve also got one similar to this in oxblood that I simply adore…Missguided, stop having such nice stuff so that I’m not skint pleeeeeeease!!!!! 😛 And obviously as you can see, I got my JUJU jellies in the post yesterday and I have to say they are the comfiest footwear I own in my wardrobe…and I mean even more than my creepers, which is saying something ha! I’m hoping that I can still incorporate them in to my daily outfits when the weather gets a little colder; that’s kind of the downside of getting them so late in the summer, the fact that I won’t be able to wear them for long. I know they are utterly hipster  and EVERYONE is blogging about them at the moment but I think they look really sweet with a dress and just a a little more quirkiness to an outfit. I’m interested to see what others think about them? Yay or Nay?! haha! Really pleased with how I styled this outfit as this was really a very last-minute one that I kinda just threw together when I was heading out. I kind of wanted to go for a more classic girly look which I think the silhouette gives off quite well, but adds a quirky twist with the shoes and skirt,

Another short one today after the some-what essay length post I did on the Motel dress. Once again I took full advantage of the new sale that Missguided have on at the moment and bought the Darrelin Snakeskin Effect Leggings which I’m sure I’ll put up on here sooner or later. I’m currently trying to up my game on my outfit choices that I feature on this blog so would love to hear some feedback on them if you feel like commenting :).

Jess xxx


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