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Savannah Cold Shoulder Dress: Motel

 Creepers: Amazon

How crazy is this weather we are having in the UK at the moment?! When I took these pics it was ridiculously warm and sunny and now I write this to you while looking out of the window to see nothing but showers! Sort it out 😛 SHOOOOOOOCK!!!!! Another Motel dress I know, but this is the last one  for a while I promise :P. I’m really in to the whole over-sized t-shirt dress look at the moment since I’m all for comfort with my clothes; so this is no exception. When I first saw it I was dead set on buying the black but I thought to myself ‘God Jess, stop being so boring by going for the same colours all the time and just go for something different for once!’ hence why I chose the citrus (although it does have the tendency to look more acid green in real life). Not really sure why but when I was wearing it in the pictures above the length seemed so long to me, but I think its mostly because I’m so used to wearing very short dresses (wow, that makes me sound like such a slut!). Although it does look a lot shorter on the site than it does in these pictures (stupid height!).

Like my last post, this dress has the ‘cold shoulder’ look going on which I think its a really nice look as it really flatters the arms with the whole ‘peekaboo’ cheekiness it portrays. Funnily enough, I really wasn’t keen on that look when I first saw it popping up in online stores as I thought it looked a little cheap (which I still think it can look if not added to the right material/colour); but alas I have joined the bandwagon which I always tend to do eventually :/ I’m not this much of a hipster I swear ha! Motel have also added some more colours to this dress like Navy and Violet which I’m sure would look just as cute and I may buy another when it goes down in price.  I didn’t want to style this with a heel as I thought it was a little too cliche and might make the dress look more formal so yes the creepers are back…deal with it; but judging by how long it looks on me I’m thinking next time I wear it I’ll team it with something with a little more height. As you have probably noticed as well from my last few posts I’ve been steering away from the red lippy because it can look a bit harsh against other bright colours and I’ve always liked the way mauve goes with yellow to reinforce a more romantic and delicate feel. Anyways, overall I’m pleased with it, but what do you guys think about daring to be bold?

And speaking of bandwagons, after obsessing over the new JUJU jellie sandals which are just about everywhere  on the bloggersphere at the moment I finally caved in and bought a pair from ASOS. I know, how hipster can you get right?! But sadly unlike every other girl who was little in the 90’s I never had the trademark silver glitter pair mostly because they never had my size (can you believe I used to be considered tall at that age until everyone else grew?!). So I thought I’d live up to my little girl fantasy and bought a pair in black and I’m pretty sure they’ll end up being my ultimate shoe for the remainder of the summer. I’m also itching to find out who else I’m living with this year as I’m going back in to halls again for my final year (trust me, its waay cheaper than student housing as you don’t have to pay over the holidays). I’m living with someone who I shared a flat with last year but we’re dying to know who the other 3 will be! Its a little sad that this will be last freshers week, but it’ll be bittersweet with my 21st happening during the 2 week period….I plan to drink/spend a lot 🙂

20% off Motel with code ‘jessienoochies’.

Jess xxx

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