Had to be me, someone else might have gotten it wrong




Dress: Motel at Asos

Yes, I am well aware that this is yet another Motel item I have for you today but unlike most Motel pieces I didn’t get this off their official website as its an exclusive to Asos. Its actually one thing that I like about Motel most of all,  that they like to spread their more exclusive collection around to other sites which I think is nice as you kind of feel you’re getting something extra special that others may not find; and for only £11 I thought why the heck not?! It was a bit of a whim purchase purely due to the fact that it was in the sale, but I had my eye on it for a quite a while. I absolutely adore the “dannielle” style that they have adopted for some of their summer dresses; it really reminds me of all the dresses I used to see on 90’s tv shows which I was so envious of (even then I liked clothes!) and now that I’m all grown up I finally wear them as much as I want I guess ha. I’m still hoping maybe I’ll get the floral one eventually but for now I’ve more than happy with this lil’ number. I’ve seen Motel use this alphabet design quite a few times on different pieces but I have to say that this one I personally feel is by far the nicest; its a more dramatic interpretation of the whole monochrome trend which I will not be shying away from anytime soon. Regardless, I’m sure it’ll be another dress that I’ll easily be able to incorporate in to my day/night time wear so happy days :).

Just a short one for you today as I felt the last post was a little lengthy although that was mostly to do with it being a multiple outfits but still. I just wanted to keep this one simple as I felt the dress does most of the talking and so didn’t feel the need to style this one up. I’m hoping to be taking some more pictures over the weekend with a few new pieces which should be up sometime next week 🙂

Jess xxx


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