Outfit One:

Dungarees: Missguided

Watermelon Bikini Top: Drop Dead Clothing

Bag: New Look


Outfit Two:

Jacket/Top/Shorts: Missguided


Outfit Three:

Playsuit: Missguided

Denim Shirt: H&M (Old)


Outfit Four:

Playsuit: American Apparel

With this post I wanted to do something a little different than spread out each of these outfits in to separate posts. This is mostly because I find that these outfits are all stick to the pretty lazy ootd theme, which is really can only be blamed on the weather ha. If anything, it should inspire me to be all bright and colourful with my wardrobe but as its been so hot I’ve only really cared about feeling cool in what I’m wearing and not what I look like…not that I would care anyway ha. Some of these pictures were taken pretty late on in the day which is why I’ve added a jacket or a shirt to them if I’ve been going out.

Outfit One:

This was taken on the hottest day of the year so far, hence the lack of clothing. I have a really bad habit of just thinking up outfits and then trying them on last minute to see what they would actually look like but I think with dungarees and a bikini top you can’t really go wrong. I’ve worn the dungarees before in a post so I don’t have much to say about them other than they have become a staple item in my wardrobe over the summer due to their versatility. Whether it be a corset, check shirt or a bandeau crop top, they look great regardless. This bikini top from Drop Dead Clothing also adds a little cheekiness with its watermelon design which boosts the informal feel the outfit gives off in total. I’ve really warmed up to Drop Dead Clothing’s stuff, I just think  that their clothes are fun and energetic and its nice to see a store that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Outfit Two:

With this outfit, I feel like the main attraction is the Jacket from Missguided (yes, I know I’m a bit obsessed with this store but its their fault for having such nice clothing!). Its a pretty out there piece but I think it gives the look a lot more edge as to what would usually be considered a boring outfit with just a crop top and shorts. I haven’t worn the jacket all that much since I got it only because I have my other military jacket but I’m determined to wear it more often because its such great quality and proves that one statement piece can do so much for an outfit. An effortlessly cool look perfect for those summer nights!

Outfit Three:

Looking back at this picture I reeeeeally wish that I have not worn the shirt with it; although it looks ok  I’m just sorry that it hides all the detailing of the playsuit at the top. BAH! And yes, although this does look for all the world like a dress its really a playsuit; which is actually what I really love about it. The detailing on the waist is really beautiful and the pastel colours on the pattern are so pretty. Its really one of those pieces that could be easily grunged up with a loose jacket and boots but it really looks far more beautiful when worn a little more elegantly with simple shoes on its own. I’ve worn my hair up one of the times I’ve worn this and I got so many compliments on it as it showed what it looked like all the more. Its has a really lovely 50’s vintage feel to it on its own and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t style this differently, oh well maybe next time!

Outfit Four:

The last of the utterly lazy outfit collection that I bring to you today. I usually call this playsuit the hangover outfit…I think the name says it all really ha! I even wore it when I was moving my stuff out my student accommodation…I’m such a slob. But  in all honesty its really just something I tend to throw on if I want to wear something easy and comfortable but still look my effortlessly presentable self ;). I do really love it though, as I love most things by american apparel as it can literally be worn with anything to achieve your desired mood to an outfit and it will look awesome. Just don’t be surprised if I incorporate this in to more looks to come over the summer if the weather continues like this is all that I have to say.

Sorry if this post seemed a little bit rushed or tedious, I’ve just been a little less outfit and blogging inspired over the past week. Maybe I’m just being too critical of myself, but often when I’m writing I find it gets harder to write about outfits as it can feel as though you are virtually saying the same thing over and over again with each post you publish. There’s really only so many times you can say “I love this!” or “I went for this kind of look” without thinking how this must read to a viewer and wonder if they feel that way as well. Ah well, I’m probably just thinking too much in to it like I usually do with my writing….I’m a perfectionist, what can I say!

Jess xxx

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