Makin’ the most of a heatwave.






Playsuit: Motel

Creepers: Look to previous posts for link

Another oldie but goody courtesy of Motel, although I wouldn’t say it was as old as the last Motel dress I posted. I got this back in October last year when Motel were doing a mid-season sale and let me just say I’m soooo glad I got it then instead of now as its priced at £48 again! I initially wanted it in red but every time I’ve seen anyone wearing this playsuit its always been in that colour so I thought I’d be a little different and get the hyacinth, plus it was the only colour in the sale at the time ha. However, I’m actually really glad I got it in this colour now, the playsuit itself is stunning with lovely light material, just perfect for the ever-lasting heatwave we’ve had in the UK. Its been so hot that I’ve actually rolled up the sleeves to make it look a little less dressy and also teamed it with creepers once again; I swear i’ll stop wearing these shoes in my posts all the time from now on by the way! But I do really love this playsuit though, its a bold statement piece and really probably the most girly thing I’ve posted on here so far…but I guess that’s not a bad thing.

Decided to have a change of scenery for this post, I think I actually prefer it from my back garden. Although its not actually my house these images were taken at so I had to cram all the outfits I wanted to shoot in to a tiny backpack (shoes included) and had to do make-up and all that malarky before I headed over which in this heat ain’t fun. So yeah, it was a little too much trouble to even bother you could say, but I think the pictures turned out ok. Also, if you think I’m looking a little too squinty in these images, the sun was in my eyes ok?!

I also recently bought the Danielle Dress in Alphabet Print by Motel from Asos for only £11! That’s a bargain if there ever was one, so I’ll be posting that soon, its gorgeous!

Again, as this is a Motel related post don’t forget you can get 20% off any Motel order by using the discount code “jessienoochies”.

Jess xxx


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