Hella’ Lazy Outfit and thisisthecode.







Top: Missguided (Old)

Shorts: Missguided

Plum Boots: New Look (Old)

So I kinda didn’t keep my word on blogging a little more this week (oops!), but I’ve been super busy this week sorting out job opportunities so I guess its a little understandable…and if not, deal with it *squinting eyes*. Today I just couldn’t be bothered putting a proper outfit together, so I just settled for a simple loose knit jumper and denim shorts. I literally live in over-sized jumpers when I’m at uni, I probably have one in every colour ha; but they are great for when you aren’t feeling very inspired as they can be styled so easily; they look great with disco pants and boots or for when you want to dress them up a little you just add heels. Plus, Missguided do ones that fit like a dream and the colours are lovely and summery, perfect for a chilled and lazy outfit like this one! I got these gorgeous leather ankle boots in plum (they look maroon in the pictures for some reason) from New Look about a year ago. I don’t really wear them that often as they kind of rub against my calves (beefy? I think not, stupid shoes!) so they can be kind of annoying if you are walking quite the distance; but for today they are appropriate and are really quite pretty, especially with a floral dress.

In other news, like I mentioned above I’ve been busy sorting out job opportunities and work experience. Recently, I was followed by a up and coming Manchester based fashion website called thisisthecode on Twitter; who are asking for bloggers to contribute to the site and possibly joining their writing team. As this seemed like something right up my street I contacted them and have temporarily joined their unofficial team, along with a good few hundred other bloggers, might I just add….but that doesn’t matter :P. So yeah, I’m currently just writing an article for them on the practical but on-trend pieces for festivals this season and this is actually one of the outfits that I am picking for this particular piece I’m writing. I’ve seens TONS of people wearing things that are very similar to this and I actually think that its very practical for the ever-unpredictable weather that randomly seems to hit the UK while still looking relaxed and cool. Anyways, if you want to check out the site and what other bloggers are contributing to it you can check it out here!

Other than that, I have been literally frying in the sun like every other Brit this week. It amazes me how whenever we get what some may call any kind of  “extreme weather” here in the UK, everyone goes in to a frenzy and runs to the closest supermarket to buy BBQ supplies and head to the nearest beer garden. I get it, its pretty fucking hot at the moment, but when you hear an entire radio show primarily for ways to “survive the warm weather”, you kinda of feel like the whole country has gone nuts. Its sun, get over it and just enjoy it, ok? 😉



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