Dress: American Apparel

Denim Aviator Jacket: Primark (Very Old)

Red Dr Martens: Ebay

As you can probably guess from my last post and this one, I’m a big fan of American Apparel. Although their stuff its pretty expensive, I really like the simplicity of the brand and they create some amazing silhouettes for their woman’s range. I often feel as though with many brands they only make pieces that are made to fit a particular body type and if you aren’t of that ideal then it doesn’t look right. However, I can safely say that with American Apparel it feels as though they make pieces that look to promote the female form no matter how it is represented which I feel is very empowering….I know, there goes the little feminist in me voicing its opinion, but I feel that its true.

I’ve seen TONS of people wearing this dress in recent months since it popped on to Asos (only in cobalt however) on in the American Apparel store in Leeds, and I totally can see why! No matter what colour you decided to buy it in, its a beautiful skater skirted dress that’s great for casual daytime wear or dressing it up at night. Naturally, I choose to make it look a little more understated by grunging it up with Dr Martens or creepers and this denim aviator jacket that I got from Primark aggggeeeeeeees ago. Personally,  I think that if you’re going to buy this dress you should really get it in the cobalt as it suits most people unlike the other colours that could potentially look a little cheap; and with this colour you can really team it up with anything and it will look adorable. I know a lot of people have been worried about how short the dress is but its really not; its kind of got a baby doll design to it kind of has to be like that…I most certainly am not complaining as showing more leg just makes me taller and being 5ft 4 I really need all the help I can get ha! Just trust me, if you’re looking for a dress to wear to anything and everything this summer, this is probably one of the best. Its a shame that you can’t really see the red dc martens I’m wearing in the these pictures (although you can see the top peering through in one of the them), as this is one of the looks I tend to wear quite a bit. I just think that dresses with big chunky boots look so fucking cool, I think it just the right amount of femininity without making you look like a girly girl…which I like to think I’m not but tell me otherwise and I’ll buy a completely new wardrobe haha!

I reeeeally cannot get over how long my hair is at the moment, I didn’t even realise until I took these pictures… really do look like a mermaid and its not good! I can’t do anything with it without looking on par to Morticia Addams and trust me, that is not the look that I want to achieve ha. So I shall be hitting the hairdressers soon and hopefully will have a more manageable cut that doesn’t make it look crazy….much. I’m also feeling better since my other post ( in case you were wondering…or even cared!), although I’m still relatively glued to the tv watching Sons of Anarchy, I do this every single time I start to watch a tv show! I have to watch every single episode and become consumed by it until I’m up to date…then I just wonder around not knowing entirely what to do with myself, until the next show comes along. I think I do it with games as well actually, god I need a life!

Jess xxx


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