American Apparel Bustier Dress

DSC_1840 (2)







DSC_1855 (2)

Dress: American Apparel

Shirt: Missguided

Creepers: Amazon

Unfortunately I write this blog post to you out of sorts as I’m not feeling all that well. Its annoying because I was kinda hoping to take some outfit pictures today but I just don’t feel myself at all. So, today I have been stuck in all day feeling sorry myself in a “nerd” onesie (utterly tacky I know!) that my mum got me from New Look yesterday with duvet and pillow watching  every episode Sons of Anarchy I can muster and It is hands down one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. So yeah, I’ve stayed true to the lazy duvet day cliche I guess you could say ha.

As said in a previous post, these pictures were taken last Wednesday when we had a glimmer of sunshine where I live. Personally, I sometimes find it quite hard to put outfits together at this time of year especially when it revolves around a dress; I always feel as though a dress is the main feature if you’re wearing one and so the styling/layering should always be kept to a minimum, especially when the weather is unpredictable as ever. Due to this, I’ve tried to stick to self-made rule and casualise an otherwise “sexy” dress with some simple pieces. I got this bustier dress from the American Apparel store in Leeds a few weeks ago after seeing it on Asos and lusting after it for ageeeeeeeees. I’m not entirely sure why but I’ve always been told that red is my colour for as long as I can remember (I think its some kind of Snow White syndrome I give off to people with the dark hair and pale skin) and so I’ve always been drawn to those kind of pieces, especially red dresses! I think that the bold colour only adds to the whole “sexy” look that this dress tends to give off. It fits perfectly as well, I was a little hesitant at first because I always thought it looked so tight on the models and I thought it might look a little skimpy but it actually fits like a glove and yes, for once I actually have cleavage in something haha! I’ve really been wearing non stop since I got it and its perfect for both day/night time wear; I’m also tempted to see how it would look worn as a top with a skirt worn over it…oooooooh that gives me an outfit idea (light bulb!). Just don’t be surprised if you end up seeing the black or blue version of this dress in a post in the future, I love this dress that much. I won’t mention much about the shirt and creepers as I’ve posted about them quite a few times but I like the laid back look it gives off and the colours compliment the dress quite well I think.

After a fairly slow week of sorting my life out I got one hell of a blog buzz on Thursday when I got mentioned Stonefox’s facebook page and had one of my pictures picked on the main feature for Asos Fashion Finder’s grunge page. I know that to many bloggers this isn’t probably a big deal but seeing as I’ve only really been doing this for about a month I really appreciate the outfit love I’ve got from them :). Gonna be heading off to another local gig this weekend coming with the band that I’ve mentioned in one of my other posts before, hoping to get a few snaps from that and I may post them on here. I’ve also had a few interviews last week and its given me an idea to do a post revolving around what outfits that are appropriate for an interview situation, without looking boring and stuffy or too extreme. That and I’m gonna be going to the cinema on Friday to see This is the End which I cannot wait for, been reading reviews of it online and they all seem overly positive which can only mean one hell of a good time at the cinema 😉

Anyways, laters

Jess xxx

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