Selling items on Ebay account.










Just a quick post about some items I’m selling on my ebay account; I’ll be posting some more things on there in the coming weeks but at the moment there’s just a few to test the waters. Its been a while since I’ve posted anything up on Ebay so having my former seller strategies ha. Most of the items I’ve put up are things that I’ve had for since I was around 17-18 and as you can see my style has changed rather dramatically as I’m not quite in to wearing dresses as I used to be and are simply just stuck in my wardrobe, which is a little unfair. There are some very new things on there too, like the Miss Selfridge barbie crop top I got a few months ago, and seeing as its size 8 its far too big on me now. All the items are in great condition and can be worn in a range of styles depending on what you wear it with. The dresses look lovely with a leather jacket and can be worn for casual and formal occasions pretty easily as well. I’ve put up most of the items as buy it now at around £5-7.50 as some were quite expensive in their original price and the quality is still as good as when I bought them…I take good care of my clothes ha!

Anyways, feel free to look on the link below if you are interested and I’m going to be putting more items up in the coming weeks so keep checking back. The link to my “store” is here.

Jess xxx


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