A slice of Americana to go with your Stonefox



DSC_1834 (2)

DSC_1826 (2)



Shirt: Missguided

Vintage Corset: Stonefox (Sold Out)

Shorts: Missguided

Took these images on a whim yesterday along with a few other outfits that I’ll be posting about soon. I recently mentioned that I had bought this vintage corset from Stonefox in a previous post. I had actually got it ages ago but however me being the tard I can be sometimes I put my student accommodation as the address instead of my home one, and so only received it yesterday. Initially, I was tempted to return it simply because I need to save up as much cash as possible, but I tried it on and as you can tell it was simply meant to be 😉 ha. I swear I have no discipline when it comes to save money! But I’m going to be selling some of the clothes that I just don’t wear anymore on my Ebay account which I’ll be posting about in the next couple of days so keep checking back if you’re interested. I’ve only really started looking at Stonefox recently when another blogger that I follow posted a vintage t-shirt from them and I have to say their stuff is incredible! This vintage lace corset that I got has amazing detailing and is it perfect condition and it actually fits me 😀 I often can never find vintage clothing that fits me as they always tend to be in bigger sizes but I’ve been really impressed with the qaulity of their content. Its perfect if you want to recreate the 90’s trend so they have definitely got a fan in me! This corset is definitely going to be popping up in more and more posts in the future that’s for sure. The shirt and shorts I got about a year ago from Missguided and are pretty much my go-to items for when I’m not feeling very outfit inspired as they are so versatile. I mostly wear the shorts with crop tops and the shirt with a jumper over it to make it look like a peter pan collar…it tends to look quite festive surprisingly. When its sunny I always tend to go for a far more casual look which usually consists of dress/trainers combo (I’m actually wearing my black converses in these pictures) but I wanted to change it up a little and the sunshine always reminds me of editorial Americana shoots; even more so as we are now well and truly in the festival season…and I’ve just reminded myself that I so wear this to a festival, if I was actually going to one this year 😥 (sympathy!).

Anywaaaays, this is just a quick outfit post for you all today. I’ve been busy trying to sort out what clothes to put up on ebay so I’ll be photographing those today and I’ll post about them ASAP…and maybe I’ll have a cheeky Mass Effect 2 sesh tonight, gotta kill those Collectors/Reapers yet again and maybe romance a certain asari in the process ;).


Jess xxx

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