It may suck to be short, but at least you get away with wearing a t-shirt for a dress





T-Shirt: Boohoo

Leather Jacket: River Island (Old) but Missguided do a similar one here

Necklace: Primark (Old) but similar here

Shoes: New Look

As many short(ish) girls may know, it can be pretty hard to find clothes that are the right length for your size. Its unfortunate as personally I’m kind of in the middle of small/average being a measly 5.4″ and so I can’t really shop in the Petite section in stores as those items are often too short for me, and the normal range tends to be too long…its a travesty I tell you! I don’t get it either, everyone else in my family towers over me and I’ve been this height since was about 12; so where did I get the short arse gene from?! Is there no justice in this world?!?!?! Sorry, I’ll calm down now…rant over and on with the outfit.

Luckily, what I would call one of the many perks of being on the shorter side of height would be that you can get away with wearing most t-shirts as dresses like the one I’m wearing in these photos. I got this t-shirt from Boohoo last year as I wanted to buy some basic t-shirts to wear with some tartan leggings I got. As you can see from the photos, the t-shirt is pretty much like a tent on me ha, and initially I was a little disappointed but I’ve grown fond of it since I’ve been wearing it as a dress. I think Boohoo is very on par with Missguided in certain ways, they sell very similar products and are great if you have a budget. I think the quality and range of their items has definitely improved over the years and its become one of the many brands that I go-to for my retail purchases ;). I’m a big fan of the whole T-shirt dress look, its so versatile as it is something that can be so easily dressed up or down depending on what you wear with it; which I’ve noticed is something I tend to do with most of the outfits I post on here. I decided to dress this one up a bit with a mint coloured necklace that I got from Primark years ago as I find that the colours go so well together…but you can’t really expect anything less from white can you ha. The wedges have made yet another cameo in this post, I honestly cannot believe how comfortable they are; I reeeeeally want the sparkly version (I know very tacky!) but I think they may be an instore exclusive as I can’t seem to find them online :(. Come to think of it, I don’t really own a lot of heels and so these wedges are a nice compromise. I kinda just grabbed the River Island jacket on the way out of my house; I got it a year ago from Asos and I think its been a great investment for my wardrobe, although I did have to save up for it for a little while as it was £55! Last winter I didn’t have it off my back and its surprisingly very warm; I also think that the fur collar (that’s detachable) adds a little more glamour to an already effortlessly boho look.

I have to say I’m not overly pleased with these photos, I look so miserable in them haha. Although it was freezing when I was taking these pictures! Me and flatmate have this theory that we both suffer from having sour faces; where, you may be in a perfectly good mood however to everyone else your face says your anything but happy. I may have to invest in looking a little more manic in upcoming posts to convince people that I am actually ok so brace yourselves for that!…Just joking.

Anyways, off to a gig this week with a hardcore punk band that I know are headlining called BBR. Feel free to come along if you’re anywhere near Rhyl as its at the North Wales Inn or take a listen to them on their facebook page, its good stuff! Oh, and their cover photo is a shot that I took…just sayin’ ;).

Until next time…

Love Jess xxx

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