Keep it simple! Missguided Mint Jumper and Jelly Wedges





Elloise Ladder Jumper in Mint: Missguided

Disco Shorts: Missguided

Black Bow Peeptoe Jelly Wedges: New Look

Necklace: Present but similar here

YES! I have finally put the jelly wedges I got ages ago up on a blog post, and yes, they will continue to make a cameo in my posts from now on. I love them that much. I got the Elloise Ladder Jumper in mint a while back when my student loan came through, to be honest I went on a total Missguided splurge once I got my loan and I’ll be posting some of the items I got pretty soon as I’m itching to blog about them. Its amazing to think how far Missguided have come in just a few years of being an online store; and its great value for money as you get whatever look you’re going for for half the price you’d usually pay on the high street. I also like it because if you want to achieve a particular trend without simply buying the same item that everyone is wearing its a pretty nice alternative…having said that however, its getting more and more popular so maybe that last statement is a little contradicting ha. But I’m happy they are getting the recognition and I’ve been very impressed with the products they have in their S/S range. Since I saw this jumper on the site, I’ve always kind of felt as though it was too long to be worn the way I’d usually wear a jumper, it reminded me more of being like a t-shirt dress so I decided to wear it with some disco shorts to avoid any awkward knicker flash! I cannot get enough of pastel colours this summer which is why the chose the mint, it goes with so many different things and compliments all skin tones perfectly without ever looking washed out (and trust me, I should know as I don’t think you could get any paler than I am naturally!). All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome of this outfit as I think I achieved a fairly simple dressed up look that I’m itching to wear out soon!

Haven’t really been up to much else this week, been mostly applying for jobs for this Summer and next year when I graduate and enjoying home-cooked food…ah the simple pleasures of a uni student! That being said, I did get to get my comic book geek on and saw Man of Steel last night. I’ll admit that I’m not really the biggest fan of Superman as I’ve always found him as a boring character in comparison to other DC characters but I think they did a good job of writing a story that make him appear to taken seriously…with a lot of help from Dark Knight Director Chris Nolan. It was definitely a step up from the 2006 Brandon Routh version that’s for sure! Overall it was an alright movie and a must for any comic book lover, but I wouldn’t rate it as high as other people have.

Anyways, I’ve taken some more outfit shots recently so I’ll be sure to post them on here throughout the week…and maybe I’ll have a little more to say :p but to be honest this week I’ve just wanted to laze about (and play the Mass Effect trilogy for millionth time!) and get used to being back home. I have ordered a gorgeous vintage corset from Stonefox arriving tomorrow that I may blog about in the next few days but you’ll just have to wait and see 😉

Love Jess xxx

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