Missguided Dungarees and Checked Shirt…Back to the 90’s.





Dungarees: Missguided

Cami: Asos

Checked Shirt: Old but similar here

So yeah, I’m well aware its been a while since I posted anything on this blog; well, its been 2 weeks but it feels much longer for me as I’ve been so busy. Finally finished second year on Uni after applying for an extension on my coursework, scary to think come September I’ll be in my final year! Along with mostly packing up my room in my accommodation to move back home for the Summer…and obviously having one final last hurrah until returning to Leeds in September; so yeah, pretty busy! I was also asked this week to cover Download festival for an online site, but had to turn it down as it would be difficult to get transport to Donnington with hardly any money! Which was really sad but hopefully I might get another opportunity soon; anyways back on to the outfit!

I’ve been wanting to post about these dungarees from Missguided for quite a while (bought them back in March) but hadn’t really figured out how to style them with the surprisingly warm weather we’ve been having. Its also kind of annoying because I had to get them in a size 8 instead of a 6 as it didn’t look as though they’d be back in stock any time soon and as I simply HAD to have them I got the size bigger; little did I know they’d be so big on me but ah well. So yeah, I thought I’d do a little throwback  to the 90’s with a simple white cami from Asos and a checked shirt again from Missguided. Although this looks very much like I’m channeling the full-blown hipster look I’m actually pleased with how it turned out. I think dungarees, although they are the embodiment of a relaxed personal style, can be pretty hard to style without it looking like your trying to hard. I’ve found that its best to keep the dungarees trend that is sure to stick around fairly simple, and that means shoes and all! Which is why I’ve once again worn my creepers…I swear I’ll stop wearing these as much from now on, they just go with everything ha. I WILL also wear the jelly wedges that I’ve been going on about in each post with an outfit I’ve got in mind to post next, so it’ll be a change from the usual grungey look I like to portray :).

As you can also see from the pics, I’ve got someone to take pictures of me. I’m really pleased with how the shots turned out and now that I’m back home I’ll be able to post pictures that stick to this kind of quality.

Anyways, hope all is well and I shall catch you next time with another outfit 🙂

Jess xxx


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