Lazy Sunday, Asos Denim Playsuit and Missguided Army Jacket.





Playsuit: Asos (sold out) but can be found here.

Army Jacket: Missguided (old but similar on site).

I simply cannot get over how hot its been in Leeds this weekend, and its perfect timing too seeing as its a bank holiday! However, seeing as I’m still doing Uni work I couldn’t exactly enjoy it unlike most people who’ve already finished for this year 😦 (sympathy please!). Despite this, I thought I wouldn’t let my uni work get in the way of me somewhat enjoying the fine weather we’ve been having and decided to throw on this denim playsuit. I got this playsuit from Asos about a year ago when it had just gone in to the sale on the site; was lucky enough to get it for £15 and I’m pretty sure it went down in price long after I bought it as well. Like most of the clothes I post about, I absolutely LOVE this playsuit! It really reminds me of the old 50’s swimsuits that woman used to wear to show off their figures; and trust me, its very much shows off the figure so you definitely have to be fairly comfortable with yourself in order to wear it. That being said, I don’t think I’m overly confident in showing off my body but I get complimented whenever I’ve worn it on a night out when I wear it so I figure why not?! I think that depending on how you wear it the playsuit can be suitable for day/night. Its something that I’d definitely wear for a festival (if I was even going to one this year..lack of funds again!) and so I thought I’d team it up with a Army jacket. During last summer, I was pretty fed up with being stuck at home and working while my brother and my mum got to go on holiday and so when my mum got back she decided to cheer me up by buying me this jacket from Missguided (naaaw, isn’t she lovely?!). Its probably one of the first brands besides Topshop that started to feature army jackets in their lookbooks and I’ve noticed that Caroline Flack has the same one, she clearly stole the look from me though ;). I think I prefer this army jacket to the ones that were being featured on the high-street later as its very simple, unlike the newer ones that have the leather or glittered sleeves and are much more fitted. Since the weather has been a bit warmer, I honestly haven’t had this jacket off my back! It just goes with so many things and as it is baggy it has the ability to change the mood of an outfit completely. I love to wear it with dresses mostly but I think it looks really nice with the playsuit and gives it a more grungy and relaxed feel, especially if I wore it with some floral or the bright red Dr Martens that I have.

This week I’m going to be fairly busy finishing my Uni work off but I may try and update with some new outfit posts depending on how much time I have. I’ve got a few things in mind that I would like to share with you all and obviously I simply cannot contain my excitement for posting about the jelly wedges I got the other day…that’s definitely going to be my next priority 😉

Until next time,

Love Jess xxx


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