Drop Dead Mel B dress and my beloved Creepers.


Some lovely patchy legs here, I’ll sort that out soon!


Dress: Drop Dead Clothing

Disco Shorts (underneath dress): Bank but similar at Missguided

Creepers: Amazon

As you’ve probably realised, I invested in a tripod and for £20 I’m actually quite pleased with it. Its a little stiff to move around but I got the hang of using it pretty quickly. I got this dress (ok, its more of a t-shirt lets be honest) from Drop Dead Clothing instead of the I’m a fucking unicorn vest as mentioned in the previous post. I say its more of the t-shirt than a dress simply because it is so short! I’ve had to put on some disco shorts underneath so that no one sees a hint of butt-cheek peering through. Although I’ve been wearing it with tights mostly as its not quite bare legs weather, I quite like the change of wearing it without. Its a really colourful and summery babydoll dress thats so comfortable and will definitely get you noticed, and yes, people will stare…can’t imagine why though ;).  I decided to just wear it with my creepers to enhance the whole casual look the dress tends to give off, but I’m sure it would be dressed up with heels or Dr Martens and a leather jacket if you preferred. Thought I’d also pair the dress with some bright pink lipstick from models own…to be honest, I’m not all that fussed when it comes to make-up which might be a little shocking to some people as most bloggers are in to it. But for me, I just buy what I know looks alright and won’t really spend much on it; I’d only really spend an extra few pounds on maybe lipstick as I feel it can really change the mood of an outfit, but thats it, I’m not all that fussed.

Speaking of heels, I was naughty and  bought the black jelly wedges from the previous post from New Look the other day when I went shopping in Leeds city centre. Although, it turned out to be cheaper with my student discount that it would have been buying the similar ones from Amazon…it was only a £1 cheaper but to me, that is totally justifiable! I’m hoping to save up when I’m back home to get the sparkley ones as well as I tried those on as well and kinda fell in love with them…I can’t imagine where the hell I’d wear them to though :/. I decided not to take any pictures of items I saw when I went shopping simply because I wasn’t all that inspired by the clothes it the shops I went in to. To me, everything just looks the same at the moment on the high-street and its quite hard to find something that you feel you could really incorporate in to your own style. Having said that however and, some of the vintage shops I went in to had some amazing things in, I saw a beautiful floral playsuit that I was itching to buy but luckily retrained myself from doing so! Guess I’ll just have to wait until I’ve saved up enough money and have a little splurge!

Love Jess xxx


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