Group Project: Week Twelve and Final Layout Design.

As this week is the deadline for our magazine project, we have mostly been finishing off any sections of the magazine that still had not been attended to. This mostly consisted tending to last minute details in our own individual sections; although the main focus was the front cover as we had pinpointed the direction we wanted to go with it. Luckily, over the weekend a member of my group (Ana) put together a collage of images of the city of Leeds by day and night, and had edited the images in Photoshop so that they were almost completely transparent and formed one big image. We were all impressed by how this looked and so felt that this was a good image to have as the front cover as it showed the artistic individuality that Leeds represents while still maintaining an eye-catching shot that would attract our readers.

Below is the image that we have decided to use in our front cover:

cover (1)

Also during this week, I have been making a few changes to my final layout design that will go in to the Film section of our magazine. I was initially very pleased with the way in which the Revival layout design turned out, as so did not feel as though I needed to change much with this. Due to this, I mostly just changed the font sizing and adding in the magazine borders to make it look similar to the rest of the magazine in order to add familiarity for our audience. I feel that with this final layout design the copy does not come across as overbearing for readers as the images themselves are situated in a prominent role within the layout so that it is easier to read.


However, with my Spotlight and Vintage Cinema articles I had to make some pretty drastic changes in order for the layout to fit well with the rest of the magazine. For this, I had to get rid of the copy that I had written about the newest Iron Man film so that the rest of the page did not look squashed together. I was pretty annoyed about this as I had worked quite hard to choose these films and write about them, and I genuinely felt as though getting rid of another film copy (with only 2 remaining), that this meant my article was not as well balanced in film genre as I had originally planned for our readers. The other changes that I made to this layout was with the Vintage Cinema article where I decided to make the film listings resemble something similar to the opposite page so that it would read better and provide spacing in between the article’s introduction. Overall with this layout, despite what I have mentioned before I am happier with the way the layout looks now and it has now improved the look of the relationship between the images and copy. To me, it makes the copy again look more fluent on the page, resulting in making the images look more prominent within the page.


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