Group Project: Week Ten.

Much like last week, the main focus on this week was to concentrate on our own individual articles and sections. Due to this, my main objective for this week was to obtain pictures of the Hyde Park Picture House for my Vintage Cinema feature. After a lot of thinking, I decided that my initial idea to take picture of the picture house would be far better than covering the opening of the cinema located within the new Trinity Shopping Centre. This was mostly due to the fact that I had already researched the picture house’s history and the film calendar for the move of April; however, I also felt that anything related to the Trinity Shopping Centre should really be kept within our main feature that covers this topic. As I felt that it would be incredibly rude to just simply turn up on a night when the picture house would be slightly empty in order to avoid attracting attention, I decided that I would ring them up and ask if it would be possibly to come by sometime this week to take some pictures. Luckily they were very nice and sympathetic towards the situation, and were more than happy to let me come along during the day as they were going to be busy this week as they had 2 high-profile films being distributed. When I arrived early on Tuesday morning, they were very helpful with setting up the lighting for me in the picture in order to enhance the brightness in my shots.

Below is just some of the shots that I took while at the Hyde Park Picture House:








Before I got to the cinema, I was not quite sure as to how I could tackle the limited lighting that I was sure to face when shooting the theatre room. However, I was lucky enough to have the owner switch on the additional lights for me so that I did not have to use my flash as much. I decided not to take too many shots of the theatre room itself as I felt that the images would get too samey and appear boring to our audience; which is why I shot the ticket stand and surroundings situated in the building. Looking back at these images, it still amazes me how beautiful the building is inside, its a real reminder of how cinema use to be back in its early years and its nice to see that the Picture House has stayed this way especially in an industry that is ever-growing. I shot these images in Raw as I thought it would provide me with more freedom once I got back home and started editing them. I wanted there to be a real emphasis on the vintage cinema imagery and so I chose to shoot the typical popcorn machine in depth of field (which I used in most of my shots) to make it stand out in the shot. The images of the ticket stand and popcorn machine I personally feel are a nice nod to the classic cinema experience. I feel that these images will appeal to our readers as it promotes the goings on around Leeds that are related to film.

Although the images provide a hint of simplicity, I feel that this only adds to the feel of the magazine that we are creating. After all, we are producing a magazine aimed for young adults and so it is crucial that we accommodate to this idea within the photography. I chose to photograph the theatre room (obviously) at an angle in order to enlarge the size of the room; I feel that due to taking the shot at this angle, the rows of seating also gives this illusion as well. What I plan on doing next is to edit these  particular shots in Photoshop and decide which images best fit the layout form section of the magazine. I would like to edit these images in a way that still stays true to the vintage feel of the picture house, and so I shall be playing about with the hue/saturation in order to give off an old style feel to the images which I think will be a nice contrast to the rest of the my articles that are mostly about current cinema.

For the rest of this week I have been trying to shorten my Revival of the Fittest feature, as I have been told that it is a tad too long. So far shortening this article has proven to be fairly difficult, as I personally feel that a lot of what is being said in the feature proves to be very relevant to what is being discussed; and so I have mostly just been trying to re-word paragraphs to make them shorter. Once this is done, the main priority will be to write my article on the Hyde Park Picture house and produce a small article on what films are being shown in April. Likewise, others in the group are also tending to their own articles and photography; and so by next week we shall all hopefully be read to put together the layout of the magazine.


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