Group Project: Week Nine.

Over the past few weeks during the Easter holidays, I have been gathering as much information as possible for my chosen articles. As posted perviously, I have now only one more article left to write as I have completed both the Spotlight Cinema and Revival of the Fittest article; with only the Independent Cinema coverage of the Hyde Park Picture House left to right. I have e-mailed the Hyde Park Picture House however I have unfortunately not heard back from them yet. This could be because their site might be down as they have mentioned through facebook, however I’m starting to get slightly nervous as to whether or not I will hear back from them at all. As an alternative, I have decided that if I still have not heard back from them by the end of the week I will further contribute to the Leeds Trinity Page by using my photography and add a short article about the cinema situated in the shopping centre. I feel that although I would really like to continue with my initial idea of the independent coverage of the cinema around Leeds, as it would add a more personal touch to the issue; this might be a better alternative as I am very nearly over the word count that I have been assigned to contribute for the magazine already with my other two articles. So possibly writing a short article about the Leeds Trinity Cinema might be a better fit for our magazine and would also keep my film section to a minimum a smart looking double page instead of three which I personally feel would make the section look untidy and unprofessional.

We still have yet to design a uniform layout for the magazine, but we feel that this should not take priority as of yet until we have all the articles and images finished and processed. Despite this however, we have designed the font for our magazine and we hope to evolve this further once all articles are written. So far, I am fairly content with the pace that we are getting work done. My only concern is the amount of text that I have produced on my previous article, I feel that it may be slightly too long and may have to shorten it due to the wordcount being 1200 words and I have written that amount for only one article. However, I will be having a meeting with my course leader next week where she will be looking at the work that my group and I have produced so far.


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