Group Project: Week Five and Six.

This week with our group project we continued adding to our Google Calender, completing tasks and adding events that are essential for our individual sections that were upcoming to our deadline. We have finally come up with a name for our magazine as well, it is to be titled “Anon…Leeds”, with each month the city changing depending on where it is featured each month. The main tasks that we need to get on with now as a group is our own individual articles and sections of the magazine. So far, mostly everyone has been researching initial ideas of what to include within each feature. I myself have been brainstorming what I want to write about, which has proven to be fairly easy as I feel a majority of my ideas are relevant to our magazine.

I have pinpointed that my section needs to include a feature that promotes the cinematic releases in the month of April when our magazine is meant to be produced. I have narrowed down a few films that I feel range in genre for the kind of audience that we are hoping to attract; so far these have been Spring Breakers, The Place Beyond the Pines, Iron Man 3 and Evil Dead. Along with this, due to the fact that we must include our own photography, I have decided that I will write an article on the Hyde Park Picture house and provide an overview of why it is such an iconic part of Leeds; particularly if you are a film lover. I will include in this article a summary of the history of picture house and how it has stayed in business even through the massive evolution that cinema has undergone since its initial opening. I feel that it would also be a good idea to then list some of the insightful and individual films that the picture house is showing over the month of April.

However, my main feature in my section of the magazine will be a double page spread of an article that looks in to the ever-growing trend of remakes in Hollywood and how the lack of original films being produced. I feel that this article is a really good topic to write about as it is something audiences and film lovers alike simply cannot deny is becoming more and more apparent in the film industry. This article will look in to this topic by looking at it from all angles, in order to not make the article seem one-sided. I have decided that for the photography aspect of this double page spread will have to be stock photographs from upcoming remakes in 2013.

At the moment, I am trying to think too much in to how the layout will be as I feel this will limit my creativity when it comes to writing my articles; and I am positive that I am not the only one in my group that feels the same way. For the next few weeks I am going to be adding to my article planning post with drafted versions of each of my articles.

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