Group Project: Week Four.

For this week’s tutorial, we looked at creating our magazine’s flatplan in more detail. Using a website called, we were able to work out exactly where we wanted certain features and pages to go so that the magazine would have a particular flow to it with features such as fashion and beauty fitting perfectly together as an example. We found the website to be a little confusing at first as the guidelines that the website provided were not very clear; especially as now we cannot even load the flat plan that we created to post on our blogs. As an alternative, below is same flatplan that we created, just simplified for your viewing purposes.



As mentioned in the previous post, we have all been assigned to a particular section of the magazine. Each member will write articles and produce their own photography (with the exception of my section using a couple of stock photos) for their section, and once this is done they will present them to the group for each member to read each other’s work for final approval. We will then work together on each section to discuss layout ideas in order for each member’s article to fit in to the uniform layout that we want our magazine to be presented in. The following is a list of what each member will be covering for the magazine:

  • Night Out: Kyna
  • Film: Jess (myself)
  • Fashion: Ana
  • Beauty: Rhian
  • Health/Fitness: Hannah
  • Food: Rhian
  • Next Issue Preview: Hannah.

Again as mentioned previously, for the main feature of the magazine we have decided that we will focus on the new shopping centre in Leeds that is opening next week. Hannah, Rhian, Kyna and myself will also be contributing to this page in order to give multiple opinions on the attractions within the centre.


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