Group Project: My Feature Article Ideas.

So far I have come up with a brief list of the things that I may want to cover for my feature topic in the magazine. I have since my last post decided to scrap the idea of doing video games as well as films as I feel that I cannot write anything interesting for this particular topic that would apply for our magazine. That being said, I have decided to stretch out the film features on to 3 (possible 4) pages as I have found from researching that I could simply write more about this subject. Below is the following concrete ideas that I want to investigate in my film feature along with ideas of what kind of photography I will most likely be taking.

Film Feature:

Main Feature: The Revival of the Fittest: are Remakes suffocating originality in Hollywood?  I wanted my main feature to this section of the magazine to be at least a little thought-provoking. As a person who is very passionate about film, it has come to my attention that over the last decade film theatres have been bombarded with remakes/premakes and unneeded sequels of cult classic films; with most of them doing little to no justice of the originals that they were inspired by. With re-imaginings of Evil Dead, Red Dawn and the re-releases/4th installment of Jurassic Park, It seems to me that we must question as the audience just where has the creativity in Hollywood gone, and why is this novelty here to stay? As this will be my main feature, it will be a double page spread, with the photography being taken from stock photos and posters of some of the most celebrated cult classics, along with their “new and improved  cinematic updates.

I have drawn inspiration from double-page layouts such as this, however most of the pages will be centred on the text running over on to the images:

Avatar review - unlimited magazine

In the Spotlight: The big films that are scheduled to be released in April-Evil Dead, Iron Man 3, Spring Breakers, The Place Beyond the Pines. This section will give a informative overlook at some of the mainstream films out in April that will shown nationwide. I have chosen these films as I find that they differentiate from one another so that our audience can find at least one film that they may want to see. This section of the magazine is going to cater to those who are interested in the latest releases and so the language must be kept true the informal style we have agreed the magazine will be written. I plan on using stock images from each film along with eye-catching posters to grab the reader’s attention.

I am thinking that the layout for this page will resemble something like this, but this is just an idea:


Independent Cinema: A night out with the Obscure-This last part of the films feature in our magazine will centre on the local cinema viewings in theatres such the Hyde Park Picture House, Cottage Road Cinema that look to offer a classic cinematic experience in Leeds. It will focus on any mainstream films that are being shown cheaply for those on a budget, for film lovers that seek any film marathons being shown and independent films that are on limited release. The photography that I would like to be featured in the section would be shots that are a throwback to the experience of vintage cinema in order to compliment the environment of which these films are listed. As I am at the moment unsure of whether this will be a double page or single page article I have not yet decided on what I would like the layout to be. Despite this, I have found some images of the theatres I am covering that I feel will attract audiences with their particular photographic style.

Below: Hyde Park Picture House Interior and Exterior.



Below:Cottage Road Cinema Interior and Exterior.



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