Week Three: Group Project, Magazine Pitch.

Last Wednesday, we were asked to produce a 400 word pitch which would sell and promote our magazine from a professional point of view. The idea here was to present a small presentation that would attempt to persuade a closing sale of our magazine to an editor , and was to give us an impression of what a pitch meeting would be like had it been real. As we had been only concreted the crucial aspects of the magazine (demographic, idea, features, layout etc.) we chose to steer away from producing a power-point or a mock-up of the cover of our magazine to avoid confusion if this was to be changed at a later stage. Although we understood that if this was to be a real pitch meeting, this would have been an essential part of selling our publication as we would have been able to express further our idea with a physical manifestation.

Below is the written pitch of our magazine that we presented to the rest of the class:

Our magazine is going to be aimed at young people between the age of 18 to 25, both male and female. The magazine will be a monthly, lifestyle based publication featuring the promotion of different cities each month. As it is an ongoing monthly magazine, Aprils feature will be Leeds.

Our market research has shown us that currently there is no city guides catered to the young adult audience. They are all either aimed at older adults or for families looking for child friendly activities. We found a gap in the market to cater to adolescents who are at different stages of their lives.

Our idea is to find hidden, underrated places in and around the city of choice that would be of interest to our audience. It will contain features that will help find leisure activities that can help save and stretch their money as well as promote small businesses and events that would otherwise go unnoticed by other national guides.

We are looking to inform and expand our readers knowledge of the topics that we are covering which will include the following:
films- Jess
film spotlight-films out in April- Evil Dead, Iron Man 3,The Place Beyond the Pines
independant cinema-Hyde Park Picture House, Cottage Road Cinema (Headingly)-Maintream films shown cheaply, classics, marathons (money saving).
Video games- Jess
new releases-new DLCs, Inide Games, vintage classics.
games in development-
music- Kyna
local bands

upcoming gigs

health and fitness- Hannah
gym prices
charity runs
meet ups
food- Rhian
cheap restaurants
healthy recipes
crafting- Hannah
cheap finds
personalising accommodation
hand made
days and nights out- Kyna
Student nights
comedy nights
karaoke nights
fashion and style- Anastasia

street fashion


vintage/ charity shops

For the layout we are going to keep it sophisticated and chic with an emphasis on simplicity as it will be mostly about the articles and the writing. To keep it attractive to for a unisex audience we are going to keep our colours neutral and the photos appealing to both sexes. The writing style will be informal and welcoming as opposed to patronising as we want to connect to our audience with a relatable language approach.

As the idea of the magazine is about money saving we don’t want to set the price too high to reflect our main theme throughout the magazine. The guide price will be £1. We aim to sell this in newsagents, supermarkets and hotspots such as uni campuses.

I personally felt that the pitch, although it was presented well by Hannah (who spoke for the group), should have had more interaction from the other group members (including myself). I feel that at this moment in time we should not be shying away from publicly expressing our idea for the magazine as this is supposed to be a group project which means we should all put the equal amount of effort in to what we need to produce; no matter how much we may not like speaking in front of the class. To me, as this is good practice for future situations in a professional environment, this is not a time for which we should feel self-conscious as being able to having the social skills to express our ideas is what being a photo-journalist is all bout. That being the case, in future I plan on being more vocal in my group so that it doesn’t give the impression that only one of us is leading the group and dragging the rest of the members along with them.

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