Week Three: Group Project, Editorial Meeting, Article Ideas and Layout.

Today during our editorial meeting we mainly focused on article ideas for each topic we will feature in our magazine. We each been given two topics to write articles for (and for those who have one will contribute mostly to the main feature of Leeds Trinity) which will focus on  what there is to do around Leeds if on a budget. The topics that decided to volunteer for were Films and Video Games (surprise, surprise!); I chose to do these particular topics as I have a passionate interest for both, as well as had the experience of writing about both topics for online publications in the past.

So far, I have come up with a few ideas of what films I want to write about which are also to be released in our chosen release month (April). I feel that it would be best to pick films that vary in genre/taste so that we appeal to every kind of film lover our audience may be; and because our magazine is aimed at 18-25 year olds, I chose films that apply to this target audience. I have also started to think about which cinema’s around Leeds people can go to in order to see films on a cheap budget (so that they won’t be spending the ridiculous £10 or more to see the newest blockbuster!). There are some small cinemas situated around Headingly/Hyde Park in particular that put on some great film nights dedicated to certain genres, which I will research more about nearer the time of our hand in.


Film spotlight-films out in April- Evil Dead, Iron Man 3,The Place Beyond the Pines

Independent cinema-Hyde Park Picture House, Cottage Road Cinema (Headingly)-Maintream films shown cheaply, classics, marathons (money saving due to them being small businesses).

With the video game topic, I am at the moment struggling to find anything to write about other than new releases like DLC’s, Indie Games or those from the mainstream that are out in April. Despite this, an idea that has just recently popped in to my mind would be tips on where to go to buy/sell games cheaply. I am honestly still just trying to find ideas for this topic and therefore must do more research.

Video games:

new releases-new DLCs, Inide Games, vintage classics.

games in development

After speaking with our lecturer however, he felt the need to stress to us that it would be best to come up with the style and layout idea first so that all of our articles come together without looking too different; so that they have a sense of unity. We looked at a few different layout designs and styles that we like and are certain that we want to keep it simplistic and chic. He also thought we should come up with a timeline of when we want to get certain things done by so that we are working towards a goal.

Plan for next Wednesday: Decide on style and layout idea, vote on what suits the content best. Gather magazines for inspiration, make a mock-up page if possible.


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