Group Project: First Editorial Meeting and Pitch Planning.

On last Friday’s session, we had our first editorial meeting in which we discussed in detail what our demographic would be for the magazine. As we decided to steer away from the stigma that comes with many “student magazines”, we felt that the best way to cater to a wider audience that applies to this age group would be to simply make it for young people; whether they be in full time education, working or training for apprenticeships. Another aspect of our magazine that we felt had a twist on the young people niche was that each monthly issue would be based on a city around the UK; with the first being in Leeds. We felt that this was a good idea as it would highlight the goings on and promote events that were fairly near the our audience.  We tried to pinpoint exactly what content we wanted to include in the magazine. The obvious content that came to our minds were music, films, spotlight features, fitness, health and well-being, video games, sports, upcoming local festivals, holiday opportunities. With the majority of the content being monthy features in the magazine (such as film and music around a certain city), we felt that we needed an individual main feature that separated the city of Leeds from the rest of the places that could be potentially covered in other issues. With the new Leeds Trinity shopping centre opening on the 21st of March, a shopping outlet that would compete with locations such as Chesire Oaks etc, we felt that this would be an ideal feature where we could cover the opening of.

After this, we planned our pinpoint demographic for our magazine:

Age: 18-25 unisex

Lifestyle: full time jobs, full time education, internships, gap years – young people around the UK, (this month being Leeds).

Intellect: Fair/Well Educated and Ambitious Young people.

Content: music, films, nights out, days out, upcoming events, summer events, fitness, health and well-being, advice ( work, personal related.)

main features – trinity shopping centre leeds (opens march 21st)

During this session, we also gained a new member in our group, making it consist of five people. Personally, I am confident that this will only aid us with this project, as we will have another individual to bounce ideas of and see what their opinions are on the magazine as a whole. Due to this, we have decided that certain tasks will be divided equally between each member in the group. This means that we will all be writing the same amount of content, organizing photoshoots and planning the magazines layout. We feel that this is best for a group of five as it means that we all put in the same amount of input and effort towards the magazine.

We have loosely discussed which content features that certain individuals would like to write as well. As I have written mostly about films and games for other publications before, I put myself forward for writing articles related for these topics. My initial ideas for these were to

Another aspect of the magazine that we discussed during this meeting was the layout and look of our magazine. As it will be a magazine that caters to a unisex audience, we felt that it would be best to keep the design simple in order to attract this target audience. We have decided that we would research over the weekend other magazines that cater to a younger audience in order to pinpoint an interesting and likable layout that we all agree with.

For next week’s Wednesday session, we have been asked to produce a 400 word pitch that promotes our magazine; which is something that we would have to essentially create in the professional world. We have planned to collect any research we can over the weekend on magazines that we will have drawn inspiration from, and meet before the Wednesday session to gather all our findings together to come up with the 400 word pitch. This will include what our demographic is, the idea of the magazine, our copy guidelines and how we plan to go about producing this magazine; we have also agreed on creating a small mood board that we will show the our class in order to further explain what our vision is for the magazine.


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