Week Two Group Project: Deconstructing Magazines.

For this session, the main focus was to bring in a magazine in order to deconstruct it for further understanding of how a magazine is made to fit its target audience.

Magazine: Vogue

Price: £2 (special offer), usually £4

Type of Magazine: Fashion and Lifestyle

Audience Aimed at: Successful & Ambitious Women

Ages: 18-40- It is not aimed entirely for younger people due to its content however we have discovered that the younger generation look to the magazine as they aspire to have this lifestyle.

Intellect: Highly knowledgeable of high fashion, designers and brand names.

Other elements: Majority of content is advertisements that target successful and wealthy women, also to invest in the magazine’s financial interests. Although younger audiences buy and read the magazine, the content has not been changed to fit a wider age bracket.

We also looked at another magazine which was produced under the Cosmo brand name titled Cosmo-on-Campus. This was a free magazine that came in the post and targeted young female students. We decided to deconstruct this magazine as we were planning to produce a similar publication with our group project. However, as we read through the magazine, we felt that its content was not aimed at the demographic that we wanted to target. For example, some of the content felt forced and patronizing in its manner to stereotyping female students as being overly girly and wanting to fit in with that niche. As this was the case, we have now decided that we will have a meeting on friday to recollect our thoughts and ideas so that we may pinpoint what kind of magazine we want to produce.

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