Group Project Week One: Picking Groups and General Ideas

For our first week back, we have been notified that one of the two modules we will be assessed on will be based on group work. Here, it has been asked of us to produce a magazine within the well-rounded unity of a group. From experience, group work for has usually consisted of a majority of the work being handled by myself, with the rest of the members doing the bare minimum. As I did not want this to occur once again, I decided that I would take in to consideration who I felt had a similar work ethic to my own; rather than just simply choosing people I am friendly with. I also felt that it was vital that I choose members who has strengths in the places I lacked, were committed and could bring enthusiasm to the task at hand. I therefore settled on a group of four, as I felt that this more intimate number would aid us with each individual providing a substantial amount of input throughout each session.

In order to help us keep every member of the group in the know about the goings on within the project, we felt that creating a facebook group would be ideal; which would also help us share ideas anytime we wanted.

For the first meeting we only brainstormed a few potential ideas for our magazine, the demographic, the financial aspects and who our target audience was going to be. We decided that a university campus magazine aimed at students aged 18-25 would be something we all liked the idea of. The magazine would include features, reviews, tutorials and guides to living in Leeds. The sort of topics that we would cover monthly included house hunting tips, student fashion, money saving events, restaurants and entertainment reviews. We then came up with a general idea that would essentially be a brief storyboard that could be edited at a later date.

Below is the first initial storyboard that we have created for our magazine.


This was mostly just a simple idea of the placings of content within the magazine. It will most probably change week by week until we have a full understanding of where we want certain content to be situated.

To record all our meetings we have set up a group email address that everyone has access too, this includes a google drive that has the ability to create documents, presentations etc. We also have a more informal way of communicating via facebook to let each other know if we aren’t attending any scheduled meetings or lectures.We felt that these programs would be a great way of communicating within the group.

Instead of having certain people for given jobs, we have decided that will equally divide the work between us based on what we feel are our strengths. As an example, when a piece of writing  for an article has been drafted, it will be posted in the group for everyone to proof read over, and comment on any other ideas that could be added to the piece of text.

We then felt that it was best for us to look at current digital magazines on websites such as  ISSUU to look for ideas on what we should include:
For next week we are to be researching any current magazine trends, seeing where there is a niche, looking at the market for prices, advertisers and layout tips. This will then potentially give us a more in-depth idea about how we want our own magazine to look and how we will connect with the audience.


(Our new idea is – money saving in Leeds for our generation, but in a different city each month. Why did we go away from the idea of a student magazine? We felt that the student magazine idea was too specific and therefore we could not cater to a larger market. We still have the same ideas about features etc however we will not target simply students.)

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