Documentary Photography: Street Photography.

With this task, it was asked of us to produce six photos that represent Leeds and the people who live there. The idea of this task was to again make us feel comfortable about photographing strangers and to see if we preferred to make our shots obvious to the public, or to be surreptitious. This coincided with the discussion in our tutorial of what we feel is ethically correct, where we put the person who we photograph’s feelings first, or is it better to be egotistical and think only of getting the right shot no matter what the risk may be.

Personally, I feel that it is better to consider the subject matter’s opinion on the shot as it is them who face the risk of exposure, not the photographer. Due to this, I tried to make my images as surreptitious as possible; where only by chance did I get up close and personal to a few who were walking as I past them. The location that I decided to photograph was around Headingly, which is about 15 minutes away from the city centre. It is a popularised by students mainly, which I find is often the case in any major city, and so felt that many who were captured in these images represented the student side of living here. I used mid range of aperture in these shots, because if I had used a higher setting it would have come out blurry as I was walking while taking the images.

Below are the images that I find to be the best representation of Leeds and its inhabitants.

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