Documentary Photography: Saturday Assignment.

As the Welsh Comic Con took place on a Saturday, I felt that this would be an ideal event to cover for my “Saturday” assignment. The convention took place at Glyndwr University and much like its much-hyped San Diego counterpart, contained events that catered to each of its multi-genre interests such as panels, seminars, previews and stalls. The angle that I decided to photograph this event was to give a general coverage of the event and so I feel that the type of magazine these shots would aim at would be Empire and Total Film. Although another angle that I feel could be seen in these shots is the decay of interest in comic books from its attendees over the past few years; as many fans who attend will go to look at other pop culture medians such as gaming and film. These shots would be able to adapt to either angle and magazine as those who attended appear to be their target audience, which thus promotes a sense of relation that the readers will identify with. The use of aperture that ranges from high in the shots that focus on the items available in the stalls, to low where the images contain an overlook of the convention and its people brings the gravity of the event to the forefront of  the images.

Wales Comic Con, Cosplayers posing with fans.
Mark Addy Signing.
Anthony Stewart Head Signing.
Merchandise Stall.
The only stall that contained solely comics, including this rare Nightmare on Elmstreet Comic.

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