Documentary Photography: Fashion and Portrait (Lighting) Assignment.

In the module guide, one of the essential hand ins for the end of this semester is to use a model with one outfit, photograph them in both a fashion and portrait style. This can either be on location with a portable lighting kit or can be shot in the studio. I order to do this assignment, we had to do a workshop in which he learnt how the safely set up the equipment and it for this particular photoshoot.

Below are the pictures that I took while in the studio for this lighting assignment. For each I used both studio lights place in the centre of the room in order to capture the model accurately. After using the light meter, I used the aperture setting of 8 but changed it to 5.6 as I felt this gave a better focus on the model. Due to this I had to be fairly close to the model despite still using close up on my lens.


The first shot is my portrait shot. I took this while he was talking to him in order to obtain a natural facial expression. As most of the model’s body is out of the shot, it is evident to see the difference between this one of the other photograph below. I found it fairly difficult to get him to relax at first. I converted this shot to black and white as I felt the colour shot made him look washed out in comparison to the white backdrop. I made the background darker in order for it to blend in with this clothes. I feel that its obvious that this is a portrait and not a fashion shot as the pose is not unnatural and the expression shows his personality.

Fashion Shot.
Fashion Shot.

While researching fashion photography, I noticed that male models tend to pose less extraordinarily than female models; because of this, I wanted to capture this theme in my fashion shot. I made him look away and not revealing anything of his personality as the facial expressions within fashion photography are often less interesting that the posing, mostly contain “dead eyes” on the model. As the idea of a fashion shot is to sell the clothes.  I made the backdrop appear darker in order to make the theme in the fashion appear slightly cynical and a little more “high fashion” as opposed to commercial. I feel that this shot sell the clothes as it is what the eye is drawn to when looking at it and because of the pose you immediately know that it is a fashion shot and not a portrait, it is far more constructed in comparison to my portrait photograph, giving it a more artistic approach.

I wanted to edit these photographs in the same way in order to give the impression that these simple changes in the positioning and construction of the shot were enthasised. I only darkened the backdrops once they were converted in to black and white. Overall, I feel that this photoshoot went ok; although I would be confident in the studio another time, I wish that I was a bit more confident in directing a model. However, I feel that there is a big difference within these shots to the point where there is a clear difference between the style of these two shots.


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