Digital Journalism: Curation.

For this week’s session, we had a look at the breakdown of one the assignments what is required for this module which is the curation of a story. Here, we were shown a program that many journalists use to keep up to date with a story that can run from weeks on end; this was called Storify. It was an easy program to you, as it contains plugins from google, facebook, instagram and tumblr; and you simply have to just drag and drop any research that you feel is relevant to your story.

Definition of Curation:

Select, organise and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition).

What is Curation:

In the world of digital journalism – there are lots of competing sources of information:

Twitter/Facebook/Social Networks
YouTube/Vimeo/Online Video
Photosharing Services
Traditional News Sites

Each of these may have a fragment of a story…

In online journalism, curation enables you to bring together these fragments into a coherent whole.

It enables you to:

“select, organise and present (…) using professional or expert knowledge”

At its most simple, curation can be a hashtag that enables a group of users to collaborate and share comment, news and information.

This is a type of curation is called aggregation.

Gathering online data without shaping it editorially.

At its most complex curation can create and shape stories from lots of different sources of data.

It can be used as a way to gather information from many sources.

A good curator uses journalistic skills – their professional expertise – to turn those sources into a story.

Approaches to Curation:

  • One big story
  • An on-going story
  • An industry
  • A pastime
  • A sport
  • An event

There are a lot of programs that can be used to curate a story, however the best and simplest is Storify.


My storify article can be found here.

we were given the task of trying Storify ourselves, I decided to do my article on the new Bond film, Skyfall. Although I did not write a great deal in between the sources that I have found, I felt that it was a very easy to use program. I wanted to focus mostly on the road to the production of the film and the hype around it, which is why I chose to include stories that centred on the casting and trailers. Overall, I found that this session really helped me grasp the idea of the curation of a story; It has showed me the importance of such a method journalism as it is all about finding the right sources while the story is unfolding itself. It has even generated a few ideas of what I would like to do for my official curation in which I still feel I would like to curate an upcoming film and focus on the hype before, during and after it has been released.

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