Digital Journalism: Using and Embedding Audio.

This particular tutorial for the Digital Journalism Module mainly focused on using and embedding audio. We were then given a problem solving task that introduced us to the basics and audio recording and embedding; splitting us in to groups of four where we had to work out the best method of recording a short discussion about one of the following current topics:

  • JK Rowling writes a novel for adults.
  • John Terry’s four match ban.
  • Nick Clegg apologises for going back on his pre-election tutorial fees promise.
  • What does the forth coming US election mean to Europe?
  • Jeremy Clarkson earned ¬£3m from Top Gear last year. Is he worth it?
  • David Cameron appears on US talk show David Letterman.
  • Can Istagram be a showcase for serious photography?

As we chose to discuss David Cameron’s recent appearance on David Letterman, we decided to think about the kind of questions and points we should make while recording. We felt that the best way to link up the soundbites that we were planning to record was to have one person in the group act as a “presenter” who would ask the devised questions we felt needed to be asked in order to make the discussion well-rounded in opinion.

Below are the notes that we took in preparation for the recording:

  • (Intro)-Decided to cover David Cameron on The David Letterman Show.

Talk About Questions Asked:

  • Magna Karta
  • British Culture
  • Olympics
  • Nothing hard-hitting


  • No Direct Questions about his policies + Government
  • Appearance was to try and gain popularity in the states
  • Less embarrassment for Cameron to go on a talk show abroad that in the UK
  • Bad timing for both elections-UK+USA
  • Sense that America is more dominant terms of financial advantage.


  • How do you feel about Cameron appearing on an American talk show?
  • How do you feel Cameron differs to Letterman’s usual guests?
  • Do you feel that Cameron went on the show mainly to gain publicity in the states?
  • How do you feel about the questions that were asked?

We mostly all agreed that this appearance by Cameron was mostly to gain publicity and promote British parliament, and so we felt that this needed to be highlighted in our argument.

After we had recording this discussion, we had to upload the recording on to a program called Audacity; something that we had all used before. We used this program to cut out anything in the discussion that we felt was not needed and also to make it exactly 3 minutes in the final recording that we were to upload on to Soundcloud. As a group we didn’t have much of a problem when editing the recording as we had all used the program before however, we did run in to a few problems when it came to uploading sound clip on to the program itself; eventually we did find a solution when we changed the clips filetype so that it would open up in Audacity without any more problems.

Overall, I found that this workshop task was fairly informative. It is a technique that I will need to use when I do my Live Blog as it will help record other people’s reaction to the chosen event along with my own opinion.


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