Visual Communications:Platforms.

This week the tutorial looked at different platforms along with their advantages and disadvantages that they have. As I have mostly written for online publications, I find that this is the easiest to write for as it gives you the most freedom and with sites such as ISSUU, it is easy to create your own magazine from scratch .


Cost of print is very expensive, although the internet makes is less strenuous with the technical side it does not generate a whole lot of money.


Native – people hand coding their magazines as an app, exclusive to them with in-house coder

DTP – InDesign, design like print mag, don’t have to pay coder but everyone has same tool and digital benefit slightly lost

Web – Don’t have to give money to Apple/Adobe. Can be distributed on app store and web without costs

Future – maybe something else to make online magazines different

DDDD 4 D’s

  • Discovery, problem is finding them 300,000 apps on store
  • Downloads, they will go away. You have to pay and big size and takes a while to download
  • Dosh
  • Disenthrall, digital won’t save journalism. Blogs are very important

Screen – Can’t change paper unlike print. However can go change something once its published and make animations. It becomes the product you have to sell

Distraction – No way to set it apart

Make – anyone can do it

ISSUU – Create an online magazine for free

I found this tutorial good as it reminded me why I prefer online to printed publications. With working online you simply get more freedom and it is easier to create what you want and showcase it to those who want to read it.


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