Visual Communications: Magazine Presentation.

As mentioned in the previous post, the week before we have to plan the creation of a magazine and an article to go along with it. Below is a short recap of the direction I intended to go with my magazine.

Name: Planet Pop-Culture.

Demographic: A magazine dedicated to all things pop-culture, from comics and games to tv and films for both male and females that are fairly well-educated with an age range of 20-35 of a middle class with a varied income.

I decided that the article for this magazine would be in the reviews section of the magazine. Since I had just seen the film Lawless I thought that this would be an ideal excuse to write a review of the film.

Commission: A short but informative review of the new John Hillcoat film Lawless. The review must give insight in to the story, acting and execution of the film. The angle must be honest with criticism when needed.

Pictures: Obviously, because I was not a part of the film I would not be able to get pictures. Normally, this would mean buying stock photos from the studio by an in-house photographer. Due to this, I will use publicity photos from the film.

As last week we covered how to plan articles, I planned my review thoroughly in order for it to be relatively short so that I would not have any problems fitting the text on to the page.

The Outcome:


For the layout I decided to use and 4×5 grid; I still don’t feel like I have grasped the understanding of grids yet, but I like to think I’m getting there slowly.

Key aspects of the magazine:

When design the magazine, I felt that the key aspects of it would be to keep it simple in layout. Having looked at such publications like Geek and Empire, I’ve notice that there layouts are kept very simple, thus making them easier to read and making them look more high-end.

The magazine uses again very simple colours in order to remain suitable for both genders, although it tends to lean more towards a masculine look. The font I used was Minion Pro, as this is suitable for the age range I want this magazine to gravitate towards.

The drop cap at the start initiates the beginning of the article, and shows that the magazine, although for adults who are interested in things that are deemed “geeky”, maintains a level of high-quality.

The images used in this article are part of the publicity images that were released by the studio as a part of its marketing. I felt that having an advertisement poster would be eye-catching to readers along with the shot from the film itself that would generate what kind of tone the film has to readers.

Overall, with this week I enjoyed putting together this magazine/article so much. Again, as mentioned in the previous post I liked the fact that I could create anything I wanted without much restraint. I found that putting together the layout of the article to be not as tricky as I had imagined, but I still feel that I break the grid far too often. This task has really helped me decided exactly what I want to do with my design for my double page spread and urges me to start it as soon as possible.

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