Visual Communications: Grids.

For this week, we looked into grids and how this can aid us when making our double page spreads. This is something that I personally feel before learning about them was not really needed when planning a layout for a magazine, as I think that it is better for the layout to have freedom when being created. However, as I learnt throughout this tutorial, it is not entirely essential for the grid to be fixed.

The Design Framework:

  • The first element of any magazine design is to formulate a grid.
  • It helps define what goes where on the page
  • Can be implausibly simple of complex
  • Can give you flexibility or  restraint

Why Grids?

  • Makes layout easier
  • Makes content easier to locate
  • Helps keep design consistant
  • Creates brand identity
  • Looks good

Breaking the Grid:

  • Stops things from looking boring
  • Brings back creativity
  • Add dynamism
  • Add emphasis

Break Grid with?

  • Headlines
  • Boxouts
  • Photographs
  • Call outs
  • Diagrams

Using the materials provided, we were then asked to create a spread using the grid formula of our choice. I felt that this was a lot harder than the task of the previous week due to the creative restraint the grid provided me. I broke the grid quite a bit with pictures and the headline, however I feel that this is the best I could do with the materials provided. It has taught me that I must calculate my layout for the double page spread correctly in order to obtain the quality within my work. overall I found this tutorial to be very informative despite not entirely grasping the grid formula very well, I hope that my understanding of this will get better as the weeks progress so that I can use this on my double page spread correctly.

indesign 4

indesign 5



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