Visual Communications: Getting to know Indesign.

This week consisted of getting to know the basics of the program what we will be using to produce our double page spread, Indesign. Apart of the Adobe family, Indesign is a fairly quick and simple way of producing layouts for articles and other forms of publications. I felt that this program, although at times very frustrating was a simpler program than Adobe’s other programs that I have used before, such as Illustrator. This tutorial was also very informative for me as it was not something that I had done before, however is something that will be essential for when I start doing my double page spread. Following the instructions that were asked, I produced some additional page in my own time, as I find that sometimes following instructions step by step in a classroom environment is quite hard for me to grasp (curse you Dyslexia!). Below is the page that I have created myself from what i learned in the tutorial:

dark knight rises

This is my review of Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, I wrote this a while ago for our student website TheMetOnline. As my original review is quite long, I had to cut massive chunks of paragraphs out in order for it to fit on a single page. Even though it still looks like a massive amount of copy, I am relatively happy with the outcome. I feel that the colours and image  and font chosen represent a more serious take on a film review, something that I feel you would in a high-quality film magazine such as Empire. I chose to copy the Empire style of film reviews as I feel that they give an in-depth review of the film, which is what I like to do myself. I was going to highlight part of my review in a quote but I felt that this would make the text harder to read. Although this is not perfect, I think that this is a good start and that I have learnt the basics of indesign quite well and I am sure that this will help me when I start to put together my double page spread.

My original review of the Dark Knight Rises can be found here.

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