Visual Communications: Creating a Magazine.

In our tutorial this week we have to create a magazine, its name, its demographic, its grid and front along with other things and therefore create a short article to go along with this.

My Magazine:

Name: Planet Pop-Culture.

Demographic: A magazine dedicated to all things pop-culture, from comics and games to tv and films for both male and females that are fairly well-educated with an age range of 20-35 of a middle class with a varied income.

I decided that the article for this magazine would be in the reviews section of the magazine. Since I had just seen the film Lawless I thought that this would be an ideal excuse to write a review of the film.

Commission: A short but informative review of the new John Hillcoat film Lawless. The review must give insight in to the story, acting and execution of the film. The angle must be honest with criticism when needed.

Pictures: Obviously, because I was not a part of the film I would not be able to get pictures. Normally, this would mean buying stock photos from the studio by an in-house photographer. Due to this, I will use publicity photos from the film.

As last week we covered how to plan articles, I planned my review thoroughly in order for it to be relatively short so that I would not have any problems fitting the text on to the page.

What to do next:

  • Design layout for article.

I found this tutorial to be quite inspiring, I liked the idea that I was being given full reign of what the magazine could be like. Planning the article and layout gave me more insight in to how I want the layout for my double page spread to look. I have been looking at the layout of such magazine like Geek and Empire, and I felt that I should base my layout too look similar to theirs.


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